Finding Grace in Small Things #11

Grace - Canning 3

5.  Home Canning – My mom has given us such a wonderful gift over the past 30 years of home canned goods.  Tomatoes, peaches, salsa, pickles and all the things that fit in between have lined our shelves thanks to hours and hours of her hard work.  As the years have worn on I’ve learned the trade and together each summer we tackle the HUGE task of filling the pantries of 3 homes.

Grace - Canning 2

4. The end of canning season – While I LOVE the canning, I kinda don’t love the work.  It’s hot and sticky, we’re tired and the days feel long (MUCH longer for my Mom as she finishes up long after I’ve had to go home to put our kids to bed), our feet hurt as do our tummies**.  We’re always so glad we’ve done the work when the dead of winter hits and we’re eating sweet, juicy peaches but this year I think we’re equally as glad that it’s over.

Grace - Canning 1

3. Helping hearts – As our girls grow their helpful hearts are a continual blessing to me.  On a daily basis they ask how they can help, unloading the dishwasher, digging in with the canning, folding laundry and “dusting” when there are things to be done.   For all the times they fight/complain when I ask them to clean their rooms, I love that their general nature is to be helpful to those around them.

Grace - Chutes

2. Game Night – Far too often I’m guilty of getting “too busy” to stop and play.  “In a minute”, “just let me finish” and “I can’t” are phrases I often say to our girls and I don’t like it.  I want to be engaged, to spend quality, focused time on them and taking time to play a (never ending) game of Chutes and Ladders helps me do just that.

Grace - Sleep

1. Bedtime – Sleep, sweet, sweet sleep.  Need I say more?

Where are YOU finding Grace in your days?

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One thought on “Finding Grace in Small Things #11

  1. 1. The quiet with tea and my bible and time of prayer
    2. Canning with my girlies and seeing the filled jars
    3. The embarrass of my adult children that transports me to the days I held them more often and a kiss would heal their hurts
    4. The laughter from Audrey and Bethany when they hear the Grammy knock on the door
    5. The sound of peaceful sleep from the love of my life because I know he is resting

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