Justin + Jimmy + Sarcasm = #Awesome!

I love social media.  And then I hate social media.  I love keeping in touch with people who are important parts of my life in convenient ways, whether they’re in real life friends, business colleagues or “blasts from the past” – social media is excellent for keeping us all informed.

I hate that social media opens me up to people who aren’t an integral part of my life, the people who want to be “friends” just because we attended the same high school, or worked for the same company though we never said more than 2 words to each other in that time and wouldn’t say hello if we passed in a grocery store (can you say “ignore request”?).  I dislike all the drama that can happen thanks to the wonder of the “written word”, the lack of physical contact and the loss of vocal inflection can cause chaos.  Not to mention if we’re not careful the who thing can quickly become high school-esque and I do NOT want to go back to that time in life.  Can I get a “Talk to the hand”?

The thing with social media, whether you love it or hate it, is that it’s part of life.  It’s part of society, it’s part of how the world works and for one purpose or another there are times we’re all being forced asked to embrace it.  Companies use it to advertise and inform consumers, schools use it to communicate and friends (myself included) rely on it to keep in touch.  It is the way of the world and if we are choosing to progress, and are wanting to make it work, then at some point we have to learn & embrace it – with boundries.

Text & internet short hand about, LOL’s, IMO, and POS (parent on shoulder apparently.  I know you totally thought what I did the first time) fill messages and # (hashtags) litter every Tweet, status update and instagram photograph.

If you know much about this social media stuff (as I do not) then you’ll know that # hashtags are purposed to connect subjects.  Companies I work for often ask all of us bloggers to use the same hashtag to connect all our posts and their products when we’re promoting or reviewing them on social media platforms.  There are times when those tags hold important purpose and we use them for business.  Other times if you’re sharing let’s say a recipe about “Christmas baking”, using a  #christmasbakingrecipe hashtag collects those recipes in one place for others to find.  See – important.  Right?

Mostly, then there are times people use 83 hashtags because they have no idea what they mean (yes Travis I mean YOU) and it’s annoying.  Or they hashtag random words in a sentence – “I am #having and rotten day.  The dog totally ate #my homework”.  Again leaving some of us (ok me) completely annoyed.

Anyways, this wasn’t meant to be a lesson on social media and hashtags, though I do suggest you take notes but rather a short intro into my new favourite YouTube video.  I mean, we all know Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon are awesome, but this just completely seals the deal.  I dare you not to laugh, in the out loud sort of way at this skit.  It’s sarcastically fantastic!

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