Finding Grace in Small Things – The Audrey Edition #1


1. Grammy getting her new puppy Rusty and that she lets us babysit Rusty!

2. That Mommy & Daddy got married and then got babies.


3. That I have a sister who shares with me and I share with her.

4. Getting to have ice tea with Daddy (while Mommy wasn’t home).  I asked him nicely and he said “YES!”.  He’s a nice handsome Daddy.

5. Having a family who gives us things that we can be thankful for, like toys and love and that Grandpa Bert came over and gave us mats.

*These are Audrey’s own words and thoughts.  Sometimes our kids get the “grumbles”  about life just like their mama does.  Today we decided that the best way to squish those grumbles was with a good does of grace remembering!*

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