HazMat Suits – A fashion Do or Don’t?

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So, I’m wondering – can we sterilize our children?  Is there some solution I can dip them in, or clothing they can wear?  Would it be acceptable to carry Lysol and spray every surface and person they come in contact with? If I used a Bedazzler would a HazMat Suit be cool?

School’s been in for less than 2 months and already Bethany has missed a week of it, Audrey’s been sick going on 2 weeks and I’ve walked around feeling like my home (my safe space) has been invaded by the one thing I try desperately to keep out – germs!

I understand that germs are a normal part of life.  I know that we need them in small amounts to build strong immune systems, and that for the most part we will survive the majority of what we do contract.  I know that “anti-bacterial” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and that our fear of germs is actually making them stronger.

I know all of that but when it comes to Audrey, it doesn’t always apply.  For those germs to help strengthen your immune system you have to have one that’s functioning properly to begin with.  For you to battle the illnesses you get without major ramifications your body has to be in tip top operating shape and for Audrey that’s not the case.

Three weeks ago, Bethany ended up with Hand, Foot & Mouth disease.  Then a little less than a week later Audrey ended up with the same thing, and a mouth full of sores.  Audrey had finally seemed to improve at the beginning of last week and though she seemed still slightly off we went into the week thinking we were “on the mend”.  School resumed for both girls, and I trusted her body would be able to handle it.

Then BAM!  Thursday morning arrived with Audrey feeling lousy with yet another fever.  Still low enough I didn’t run for an emergency but present enough I began to worry.  The fever lasted on and off for 3 days and in the meantime cold like symptoms have cropped up.  She also started majorly complaining of her tummy again.   Just in time for Thanksgiving weekend.

All our best laid plans with family ended up being cancelled and we made “healing” our #1 activity.  The majority of the cold symptoms seemed to fade at least until this morning rolled around when she got up completely congested and coughing – again.

Her body is trying to fight I know that, but from what we’re seeing right now it looks like it’s not doing such a great job of it.   She’s so pale again, there are moments (mostly after we’ve been outside) that I see a little pink in her cheeks and think “Maybe it’s over”, only to see it vanish an hour later or hear her complain that her “tummy hurts lots and lots.  Like this much Mama” showing me with her hands how it hurts.

Mine does too baby, mine too.

The dread of all that’s happening, seeing what I know is something but feeling like I know nothing makes my tummy hurt.  I’ve put the calls into the docs and now we wait, and pray and go on the defensive again.

If this were hockey, I’d be a wing man (right wing to be exact), trying desperately to help team Audrey J score a healthy goal and run interference on team Germ Jerks.  Taking any and all penalties necessary to protect my girls**.

Lately there have been those who disagree with us.  People who have their opinions on how Corey and I choose to take care of our girls in the midst of the heal struggles with Audrey.  We’ve had those who stand beside us in support, offering words of encouragement, offers of help and prayers.  Then there have been those who chastise our methods, telling us we’re making a “mistake” being “over-protective” and rolling there eyes at our hesitation.

I’ve come to the place where I no longer care.

The truth of the matter is we’re all entitled to our own thoughts.  Whether you’re thinking about how a latte tastes or the way I raise my children, your thoughts are your own.  But so are mine.  I do my best to rein it in when I see something I disapprove of in another parent, after all we’re all doing our best to love & care for our kids and this parenting gig is hard. I’d really appreciate it if you’d do the same.

For now, we’re on high alert.  We’re waiting to hear back from her docs as to what they want to do.  We’re trying to trust that God’s got us, her covered, to not send up the panic alarms in those who do support us and to carry on.   We’re waiting for that day, that glorious day when this will all be over.

In the meantime though, I was wondering – anyone know where I could buy both girls a bubble?

**Each and every obstacle we face with Audrey is faced on an equal and different level for Bethany.  Her anxiety struggles easily move to the surface when Audrey is sick and we are fully aware that this effects her as much as it does Audrey.**

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  1. Ashley, I sooo wish there was something that I could do, as a person and as a grandma. John & I are always in prayer for Audrey and all of you. Keep your chin up and keep praying, He does know best:). We love and cherish you all, Mom Kimmie

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