Kinder presents – Disney Princesses & Marvel Heroes

Bethany Ariel

A few years ago Bethany & Audrey attended a birthday party where they had the privileged of meeting “the Real Ariel”.  Now you and I know she wasn’t the real Ariel, she was a pretty lady, with a lovely voice who gets to live out every little girl’s dream by being a Disney princess every day for work.  Bethany on the other hand knows no such thing.  To her she was real and the autograph she gave B, along with the photo above and the big hug are all very special to her.

As Bethany has begun to grow up she’s also started to slip happily deeper into the world of Disney princesses.  Dora is out (finally!)  and Ariel is in!

I’ve gotta say, this thrills me to no end.  As a little girl I spent hours watching and adoring many a Disney princess.  Spending hours talking to my furniture as though they were alive (peanut gallery – say nothing.  I’ve since stopped.  Mostly), trying desperately to keep my legs stuck together as a tail when I swam, dreaming of a magic flying carpet.  Cinderella, Belle, Ariel and Jasmine were all integral parts of my youth, and I’m so excited to see those same loves developing in our girls**.

Kinder Princess

This growing love for all things Disney princess makes my next announcement even more exciting – we are embarking on another exciting year partnered with Kinder Canada!

We love working along side the Kinder team,  they produce quality products using real chocolate and great ingredients with the added bonus of a hidden toy inside.  Which is all wonderful but the truth be told my favourite thing about Kinder is all they do for the communities that support them.  As I’ve mentioned time and again their partnership with the Children’s Miracle Network in their a Joy to Share campaign hits home in a really personal way for me.

Anyways, how does Kinder come in to play with our Disney Princess love?  Let me tell you!

We’re so excited to share with you KINDER’s newest partnership with Disney Princesses and Marvel Heroes!

While our girls aren’t as excited about the superheros as they are about princesses they’re still thinking the Marvel Heroes toys are pretty cool too!   In fact when given a choice of which egg they’re like to try first Audrey headed straight for the Marvel Heroes eggs and after seeing the cool toys we can’t wait to share these eggs with some of the awesome boys in our lives.

Two out of three specially marked Disney Princess or Marvel Heroes eggs will contain one of the Limited Edition toys!  Pretty good odds that your little one will soon be heading off into an imaginary world of princesses or heroes.  Don’t be surprised if you have to call “Ariel” to dinner too – once they’re in that exciting imaginary world it’s tough to get them back out!  Check out all the exiting new toys over on the Kinder Canada Facebook Page.

Why not head on over, check out the great new toys and come back to tell me which one is your favourite!

“Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own”


**I know there is many a conspiracy theory surrounding the whole “princess and young girl self esteem” issues these days but I say phooey!  Those princesses are the things that little girls dreams are made of –  pretty dresses, kindness, compassion, perseverance, strength, wisdom, and true love.  The last time I checked it wasn’t our girls noticing the size of Belle waist, it’s their mommas.  They’re too busy spinning in circles in the living room singing along with Aladdin “I can show you the world…”, I think we could all stand to follow our daughters’ leads on this one and enjoy the movies for the wistful fun that they are.   I mean after all nobody’s walking around worried that boys are going to start taping yarn to their forearms and trying to spin webs are they?  I for one am SO excited that Kinder has decided to roll with the Disney Princess world and let our girls be little girls!**

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  1. We must pick up a few Kinder Eggs to hand out next week to our favourite neighbours. While we are at it, I'll be seeing if I can find a princess or two for my kitchen windowsill.

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