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I have a confession to make – I am a Christmas Shopping Procrastinator (CSP for short). I’m the one in the stores the last week before Christmas “finishing” up my shopping, bumping into other CSP’s, smiling at the dude with the “Bah-Humbug” expression and humming along to the 5th version of Silent night I’ve heard in the past hour.

It’s not that I don’t like to go Christmas shopping, in fact it’s the complete opposite – I LOVE shopping for Christmas and I like to stretch it out as long as I can. Well, that and also the fact that I have a few people on my list who are impossible to buy for. You know the ones – they either have everything, are of a different gender (those chromosomes really mess a girl up ya know) or are so awesome you don’t want to get them the “wrong gift”. I love each and every one of them but at times, the “perfect gift” feels like an impossible feet.

This year I’m planning for things to be a little different. While I still plan to be shopping the last week of Christmas, because I want to be – I’m aiming to make it slightly less “I’m never going to find the right gift” worrisome and make it a whole lot more “this is awesome and so is that, there bought, wrapped, done” and I’m enlisting Shoppers Drug Mart to help me do it.

From now and carrying through until December 14 2013 Shoppers Drug Mart will be releasing their Gift Guides and Beauty Books. These books will be filled with something for everybody on our Christmas shopping lists from the easy little ones (little girls are so EASY to buy for at Shoppers – can you say beauty buys?!) to the tricky 20 something brothers in law (hello, electronics!).

The in store sales and promotions, make it even better. Who doesn’t want to find great gifts at a great price? Then the next best part, the points. I love collecting Optimum Points on almost all my purchases over the holidays. It usually makes for some fun new make-up & a foot soak set for me when the holidays are over.

I’ve already got my eye on a few exciting gift ideas for this year:


Gosh Nail Set – A new exclusive 5 Oh My nail lacquers set. These will be perfect for our two little beauties who love getting their nails done.


Cadbury Holiday Gift Box – Milk Chocolate Wafers (300g), for my Cadbury loving husband. (ps – I may have to sample 1 or 5…you know to make sure they’re good enough for him!)


Axe Men Gift Bag Phoenix – Shampoo (355mL), Shower Gel (473mL), Anti-Perspirant (76g), Body Spray (113g) all set with a premium toiletry bag. What 20 something guy doesn’t need a little help in the “smell department”?

The list is endless with Play-Doh Candy Canes, Sony Wireless headphones and Fragrance Sampler & Certificate for Him (and her) also in the mix. To ice the cake select beauty products will have a free gift with purchase! So visit your local Shoppers Drug Mart while quantities last – nobody wants to miss out on something Free. I’m absolutely certain by the time Christmas Eve rolls around my shopping list will be demolished and my wrapping pile will be HUGE.

Once you’ve made your shopping list, before you head out the door don’t forget to check out the Shoppers Drug Mart Facebook page, for 12 days starting on December 2nd they’ll be having a contest that will give away multiple prizes to some lucky winners. Don’t forget, when you find that perfect

something send them and me a shout out on Twitter (using the #giftsmadeeasy hashtag), let us know what you bought and who it’s for!

So this Christmas season whether you’re the early bird getting the worm or a procrastinator like me keep Shopper Drug Mart in mind. They’re usually only a short drive away from home, with lots of parking and open late, they’ll have what you’re looking for and even more. Not sure where your closest store is? Check out the Shoppers Drug Mart Holiday Page for locations, great gift ideas and all the exciting holiday catalogs!

Disclaimer: I received compensation for writing this post, however all views & opinions are my own. We patron Shopper Drug Mart on a regular basis outside writing this post and are happy to share a company we support.


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