Virtue Makes you Beautiful – A message for girls everywhere

Happy Girls

In a world where we’re told to wear less (hello – “sexy” costumes for 8 YEAR OLDS this Halloween?!!!), get skinnier (to look like the airbrushed model who weighs 20lbs more than her cover photo shows), eat less, inject some places, tuck others and hand out sexual favors like chocolate samples at Costco, it feels like virtue is dead.

We’re raising daughters in a world that leaves me terrified that I won’t get the message of what God wants for them across clearly.  I worry that my own insecurities will cloud their view of beautiful, of their OWN inner beauty and worth.  I worry that some boy, who’s hormones are raging and who’s bought into the same worldly messages everyone else has, will convince one of them that they need to remove their clothes to be loved.

Regardless of our age the music we listen to, the television shows we watch, the things that we read and the people we surround ourselves with are all shaping who we are – on the inside and the out.

We pray that Bethany & Audrey understand that God has made us each unique and beautiful – how the world sees our beauty depends on how we choose to shine.   That they will choose to shine out their inner beauty in the light of kindness, compassion, patience, love and respect.  We pray that they will see their bodies as precious gifts to be loved and cared for, that their self worth comes in who they are and not how they look.

In saying that I also pray that they love themselves enough to care what happens to their bodies – from the food they put in their mouths, to the piercings they may or may not choose, to the physical contact they allow.  We pray they are strong in their faith (and that it be THEIR faith not ours), that they are picky when it comes to a mate and that He see the beauty in their virtue as clearly as they do.

Today I listened to this video and it made me smile and gave me hope.  In the midst of so much adversity it’s SO encouraging to know there are men, young men out there who see the beauty in a woman’s virtue and who want to share that with the world.  They’ve taken a super popular and catchy song (that I love humming along to) and added a few improvements.   May their future wives see and love them for the courage it took to perform and record this video!