The Catching of Up

There have been many things happening in these parts lately.  Some of them good, not and a few that are simply neutral – they’re just happening.  I’ve spent the better part of an hour trying to start a post to tell you about even one of them but every time I start my train of thought vanishes.  Which pretty much results in me staring blankly at my computer screen trying to will my eyes to focus.

Then it dawned on me – a LIST!  (My brain may have even shouted it – LISTS are awesome and always deserve capital letters)(This is also why my purse, my planner and my washing machine are filled with random bits of paper…LISTS!)  A simple, clean, Type A way of getting all the noise in my head out before the “duh” takes over my brain again…

Sick Bethany

– Two weeks ago Bethany & Audrey both came down with the stomach flu.  There were days of puke, missed school and hours of mind numbing children’s TV shows.  They both seemed recovered for a few days then Audrey (who’s latest labs showed her immune system is still quite compromised) came down with a cold.  We thought it was going to end there but this morning at 5am Bethany began vomiting again.  Apparently better they are not.

– Sick kids are always a stress and a worry for their parents.  In our case with Audrey’s healthy, I’m feeling particularly worried and nervous about what’s happening in her body.  I’m doing my best to choose to live in the now and not the land of “What If’s” but let’s be honest – after all that has happened it’s really hard not to go there.

– Last week I too found myself at the doctors, under going major labs and an emergency ultrasound.  Over the past 6 months I’ve slowly been going more and more yellow/orange in color.  My mom had noticed it a few times and mentioned it but I truly chalked it up to lighting, clothing etc.  Then a few weeks ago when we set up our Christmas tree we took the below picture


When I clicked it open on my laptop my stomach sank, I really am looking jaundice!  There was concern due to my color & some abdominal tenderness that I may have liver issues but all tests showed up negative (!).  The problem, they’re guessing at this point is that it’s self induced.  See, I was having 5-6 carrots and a dip at night as my evening snack or through out the day to munch on.  My allergies make snacking difficult and I love how carrots are crunchy kinda like chips, so I’ve been chowing down.  Apparently two things are to blame – I OD’d on Beta Carotene and 2 commercial non-organic carrots have dye in them.  I’d ingested too much of both and have actually TURNED ORANGE!

To put it simply I laugh/cried when the doctor called, that was it?!  I was prepared for her to say liver cancer (hello land of what ifs) and was beyond relieved to hear it wasn’t serious.  Then I was sad, I like carrots.  I have lots literally hundreds of foods and didn’t want to lose any more but orange isn’t hot so I’m going to go organic on those and cut back.  Then I felt silly – carrots?  Really?

– Corey has sold his truck.  This is great as it really wasn’t doing for our family what we need it to do and we need to replace it. It’s also a little lousy because we’ve yet to purchase him another truck and that’s a bit of a pain with his 5am starts at work.  Thankfully we have some great work friends who are helping him out for a few days.

– Bethany is reading.  Like really reading books and it’s AWESOMENESS, I can’t believe how far she’s come.

– Audrey has amped up her scholastic skills too, working through not just her numbers & letters but doing some addition problems and trying to spell words.  She’s determined to keep up with B and I love watching what she learns as she tries.

– The past two weekends between kid barf and Christmas breakfasts I managed to sneak away separately with each of my parents for our annual Christmas shopping trips.  I love those days with them.  Growing up is great, being independent, living life with my own little family exactly what I wanted but sometimes it’s nice to go back and enjoy being someone else’s kid too!

– I’m tired.

– One of Corey’s brothers has a new baby and it’s pretty much ripping my heart out that I can’t get to the interior to give her a snuggle – babies are great.  I want one.

– Scratch that I’m already sleep deprived, I do not want one.  I just need to borrow one.  Rent-a-baby anyone?

Ok.  I think I’m done. I should wrap this up nicely but I’m outta words, I feel the “duh” coming on….

2 thoughts on “The Catching of Up

  1. Okay I think that's quite funny that you started turning orange from eating too many carrots. I had the same problem with Jacob but it was because of sweet potato! That boy loves it and I hadn't even really noticed that he was turning orange until my cousin who is a nicu nurse pointed it out to me. I had a good laugh. I'm glad that it wasn't anything too serious! Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope the new year brings on great health so that you can all finally be healthy again!

  2. Oh wow, you have been busy lately! I hope you had some time this holidays to catch up (and rest)!

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