Finding Grace in Small Things #12

Before I get to the places I’m finding Grace these days I just want to say a HUGE Thank You to every one who commented, emailed, reached out and sent the love after the last post.  I really appreciate knowing I’m not in this battle of feeling “good enough” as a parent alone!

Now, on to just some of the good that’s happening in life!


5. My newly 7 year old!  I can’t believe how quickly the past 7 years have zipped by.  So much has changed and yet at times it feels only moments ago.

Mini me

4. My little mini-me.  She begged me to make her a cowl to match mine, she works out alongside me and stares intrigued as I put my make-up on each morning.  I hope she sees something worth emulating one day.

Bedtime stories

3. A husband who works 12+ hours daily, coming home exhausted who’s willing to take over bath/bed-readying duties each night.  Who takes the time to give snuggles, read stories and make sure backs are adequately rubbed.  He’s truly my best.

Love notes

2. Love notes.  The girls learning to read & write is amazing for all the doors in will open for them in the world but really the best part is the love notes.  I never, not ever have to wonder if they love me – I hope they never have to wonder if I love them.


1. Good friends.  Yesterday morning our home was filled with mommies & babies.  Women I’ve come to value as great friends and visits I desperately crave.  I had no idea the blessings of having good girlfriends, or the value of having a “village” of women who are raising their kids along side & with you.

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