7 is7 is the new “thumbs up”

Sometimes I forget what awesome kids God has given us.  Most mornings in our house go something like this…

“Eat your breakfast, please.”
“For real, please EAT your breakfast.”

“Please get dressed.”
“Why aren’t you dressed yet?”
“Seriously, where are your pants?  And why are you standing in front of the window talking to me half naked. PUT ON YOUR CLOTHES”

“Get your shoes on”
“Go, get your shoes on”
“This isn’t Africa, you have shoes GO PUT THEM ON AND GET IN THE VAN!”

It’s insanity, and while we’ve had a few really awesome mornings this week in general I leave the house each day feeling like my brain is going to explode.  That and also wondering if I’ve remember to put my own pants on while all this craziness is happening.

There’s also the general stubbornness of being my a child, the busyness of school/work/home life and the roller coaster of emotions that come with the female gender that make our days often feel tumultuous.

Not a second passes where I don’t love them, but if I’m being completely honest with myself there are moments where I don’t totally like them (or myself for that matter) in the thick of a “battle”.  There are times they leave me exasperated and others where I’m exhausted.   I get so focused on doing my “job” as a parent I forget to enjoy my “blessing” as one.

Then a day like today rolls around.  Our morning went relatively smoothly, we left the house on time, didn’t have to fight for a parking spot and got to walk not run to the school doors.  The sun was shining, Audrey and I had a great visit with friends and good snuggle and chat on our own.  I managed to get some errands done and go for a little walk by myself and then I got to pick Bethany up from school.

It was just the two of us and when I told her that we were going to have a mini shopping date for Audrey’s gift together she flung herself at me overjoyed.  For 2.5 hours we shopped and visited.  She smiled and laughed, I didn’t have to correct her or give her any warnings.  We talked good gifts and price tags (frugal starts with knowledge, gotta start ’em young!), I heard about her day and she heard about mine.

It was awesome, SHE is awesome and as we drove to my mom’s to pick up little miss Audrey I couldn’t help feeling blessed.

God has created Bethany and Audrey to be such incredible little beauties.  With hearts of gold, filled with love, joy & compassion and He’s given me the priviledge to be their Mom.  Days like today remind me to enjoy it, to enjoy them and to be thankful because in the end all of the hard, all of the moments of failure boil down to nothing in comparison to the great big hug I got today and the little whisper, “I love you Mama, you’re the BEST Mama ever.”


*Awesome is Bethany’s new favourite word.  She uses it about every second word to describe pretty much everything.  It’s precious, and funny and as she would say, “Awesome”.*