Finding Grace in Small Things #13

Tea Date Bethany

5. Time with my two precious girls, and the ability to take pictures of that time so I never forget to be thankful (thankyouverymuch iPhone!).

Tea Date Audrey

I’ve decided that while I really don’t love photos of myself, I do love my girls and they deserve to know how much.  When they look back on this life I want them to see them how they were, to remember me how I was and to remember “us” together.  That will trump vanity in my heart, every time.


4. Knitting is one of my favourite hobbies.  Not only is it creative it’s relaxing and it’s something the women in my family do.  I grew up watching my Grammie, my Mom & my Auntie Mary knit.  They each took part in giving me the gift of this craft and I’m so enjoying the opportunity to share it with my girls!

Work at home3. A job.  Every day I wake up thankful that both Corey and I have the jobs that we do.  Most specifically that my job (and my bosses)(who happen to be my parents) are so flexible.  I’ve had the great blessing of toting my girls to work with me these past 7 years.  Not only that but when someone is sick, or I can’t be in the office, I am able to pack it up and work from home.


2. On Valentine’s Day, when the weather was particularly miserable God placed this beautiful rainbow in the sky.  The forever reminder of His Grace, His promise and His love for us.  This picture doesn’t even begin to do justice to it’s beauty.

Family1. Our brothers.  Corey and I each have been blessed with brothers who are extraordinary men, this weekend we were given the opportunity to spend some time with the youngest two of them.  I love watching them pour into our girls, playing games, throwing snowballs and putting up with endless hugs from two little girls who adore them.  I love spending our evenings laughing at ridiculous YouTube videos, visiting and watching the 3 of them savour ginormous bowls of ice cream.

Where did YOU find Grace & Blessings this week?

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