The Break of Spring

Spring B 9

I remember waiting all school year for the breaks, Christmas Break, Spring Break, SUMMER BREAK!   I loved school, reading, writing, learning it was all up my alley but nothing beats time off.  Let’s face it I could read & write at home AND watch Saved by the Bell, a win-win in my mind.

For as much as I waited for Spring Break to come as a kid I think I anticipate and wait for it even more now.  I love having my girls home with me (even when they’re arguing, throwing toys at each others heads and completely ignoring my every word)(which totally happened last week), I miss them when they’re at school.   I also really, REALLY love not having to rush out the door in the morning, load back packs or battle over finishing breakfast in a timely (before lunch begins) manner.

Spring B 1

This year Spring break was particularly needed for our group of friends.  There were horrid bouts of the stomach flu floating around, colds, coughs, bronchitis and germs making everyone’s lives miserable.   Everyone needed a little break from being at school – the breeding grounds of all all things icky, germy and infectious.

Spring B 3

While I must admit I missed my daily visits with “The Ladies” after school during pick up time, it was a great week.  Bethany, Audrey and I got to hang with my Mom for the day on Monday, something that doesn’t happen nearly as often as it used to with both girls in school.  We worked for part of the week and then Thursday came.

Spring B 4

Corey and I loaded up the truck, packed a bazillion and ten suitcases, coolers and kitchen bags and the four of us headed “home”, to Kelowna.

The events of the past year have made it that we haven’t really done any travelling.  Other than one night away we haven’t gone anywhere since Apex last summer when the world came crashing down around us and Audrey landed in hospital.

I have been harbouring and intense amount of fear, on the chance that the same thing would happen again.  I didn’t see that episode coming, I’d even come to a place of trust and optimism that it was the end and when I felt that fever burning my world collapsed.  Facing strange hospitals, unco-operative doctors and the chaos that doing a personal hospital transfer causes was traumatic for Audrey, for all of us.

I didn’t realize until Wednesday night how much I was still carrying that.   As I made my final list of things I needed to attend to Thursday morning my hands shook, my stomach turned and I had to conciously remind myself that it would be OK, no matter what happened God had already gone ahead of us in this trip and He would take care of us.

Spring B 7

Thankfully, the weekend was a success.  We were able to spend 4 days and 3 nights enjoying the city, the people and each other.  We shopped, we went to the airport, we went to the beach and threw rocks.  There was early morning trips to the hotel gym, afternoon hikes and time spent snuggling together.

Spring B 11

We visited with some of our family there, and missed others.  Corey went to a guy movie, at a guy time of night with his brothers and I blissfully did not.  (fact: I don’t like 1/2 the dude movies.  I watch them for Corey’s sake but lets face it, I’m just not a dude, they’re boring.)

Spring 8

Saturday it snowed – I complained.  It was cold – I may have complained again but then the sun came out and I soaked up its warmth.

It was a great weekend, the tears as we drove across the bridge and away from town was proof of that.

Spring B 6

Spring break is so much more than just a chance for kids to give their brains and break from learning, and teachers a break from kids’ brains.  It’s a chance to be with your family, to enjoy the blessings God has given you and to soak up every moment with your children because they’re growing up way too fast.

Spring B 5

What did you do with YOUR spring break this year?