Finding Grace in Small Things #14

“Happiness is choice, find your joy”.  It’s something I say often to our girls when they’re melting down over something completely silly (like not getting the blue straw…).  It’s also something I say to Corey after a bad day, or to myself when I’m frustrated.  It reminds me to re-focus, to be thankful and to take a big breath.

I needed to remind myself of that after Friday evening**.  I needed to process all the things I was feeling, I needed to be allowed to feel them – then I needed to take a breath and move through them.

There is so much more to be thankful for in every day than there is to be sad about.  The joy is there, the happiness is there, sometimes we just need to remember to choose it.  For me, I find once I do that choice gets easier, and easier, until I’m just simply happy, from the inside out.

This week I really need to look at ALL the Grace God is placing in my life…

photo 1(1)

5. The thankfulness of one little girl and the love of two sisters.  Friday morning, Bethany left me this sweet little note.  She’d woken up early and decided to crawl in with a still sleeping Audrey for a snuggle.  Audrey’s been having some issues at night, B wanted to help soothe her and thought that would be the best way.  She later told me that snuggle made her feel so good that she wanted to write me a note to thank Daddy and I for her sister.

These two critters can fight like crazy some days but at the end of it all they aren’t just sisters they are best friends and my heart prays deeply for that to never 2(1)

4.  Sunshine!  Spring!  There are no words to describe what the warm sunshine and beautiful Spring days can do for a person’s soul.


3. Music.  In particular Suitcases by Dara Maclean, Good Morning by Mandisa & Toby Mac, All This Time by Britt Nicole and

photo 3(1)

2. Devotions (and a little copy bird) – it’s a powerful time.

photo 51. This man.  This marriage.  Whether it’s been a good week or a rotten one.  Whether I’m happy, grumpy, PMSing, silly, overtired or a weird mix of all of the above Corey is with me, showing me unconditional love.  I couldn’t possibly have asked for a better man to call my husband, partner and friend.  He’s wiped my tears, listened to my rants and held me till I fell asleep this week – how can you miss the beautiful blessing & grace in that.

**I just want to mention I realize all that I have been upset about really isn’t about “me”.  I don’t want to be someone who turns things that are about other people & their suffering to be focused on my own self.  I needed to vent, that’s why I have this space and I full understand that our family & friends are the ones who truly need the love & support right now.  This is about them.**

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