Friendship for Generations


When I was in high school, I was anything but popular.  I can’t say I was an outcast but I was shy, quiet & mousy, for the most part I was invisible to those around me.  My nose was always buried in a book, I was terrible at P.E (if only someone had shown me how awesome fitness is!!), I was awkward and talking to the “cool kids” made me want to barf. 

I didn’t have oodles of friends and I was ok with that.  I had a few really close friends and I cherished each one of them.  Some of those friendships were the kind of relationships that have lasted for the many years since those days of wandering the halls of HSS.  Some of them faded away, distance, post secondary education & adventures work their way into the mix and while we may be “friends” on Facebook, the real relationship is long over – it’s called life.

When Bethany started Kindergarten last year I had no idea what her friend world would be like.  I have prayed faithfully since both our girls were born that God would place the right friends in their lives.  The kind of people who love like they do, who’s hearts are kind, who’s sense of humour is wide & who bond deeply with our girls.  That was as far as I ever went & when the school year began I watched in amazement as God worked His wonders in her life, in Audrey’s life – in mine.

The kids that Bethany bonded with over that year are pretty amazing.  So are their siblings.   And their parents.  So often when you find a group of women who’ve become good friends their kids are friends by default, brought together by their mothers.  Those friendships while sometimes beautiful & valuable are often not.  They’re casual, sometimes strained and not always easy.  They happen because kids go where mothers go and therefore they play but if given a choice, those are who they’d select as playmates.

In our case it was quite the opposite.  As our children grew closer we began to chat, nobody’s sure who exactly “brought our group together” specifically but somewhere along the way we became friends.  Good, coffee on Friday mornings, got your back, love your kids, heartstring friends.  We mesh well as a group or off in pairs, the conversations are easy, the support is powerful and the laughter is cathartic.

Each of these women have become so very special to me.  I value their opinions, their support and I genuinely enjoy their company.  I also love their kids, each one of them are awesome little people.  So different and yet so similar, the bonds that they share are pretty special too.

Today as I sat visiting with a few of those ladies, I was overwhelmed by how incredibly blessed we are.  Watching our daughters laugh, draw and chat sitting at a big ol’ Starbucks table I melted a little.  It was like being given a teeny glimpse into their futures and it made me excited to see where it leads.  Who knew, when I began praying for Bethany & Audrey’s friends, I’d be praying for my own too?

I’m glad I wasn’t part of the “In Crowd” all those years ago in high school because I learned a great lesson about the value in true friendship. 

I’m thankful for each one of the women I’m lucky enough to call friends, for the bonds our children have & for the husbands who make their families whole.  Friendship is a gift, one that spans miles, years & generations.

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