A Blast from their Past

Watching our girls this weekend I was once again reminded of how quickly time passes (and of how many moments I’ve let slip through my fingers).  I started looking back through old videos and found a few I just had to share.

For those of you who’ve been a part of our lives since the beginning you’ve probably seen these already.  You might even remember these two little girls when they were these tiny peanuts.  Others are “new” here or to us.  Maybe you only know the big girls we have now and the idea of them being that small seems impossible.

Either way, here they are – the tiny treasures of days gone by and the reminder to pull out my camera more often and capture each day for the gift it is!

Big Girl ‘Tone from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

The Vocabulary of a Two Year Old from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

Lollistick from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

 There are so many to choose from, it’s hard to stop here but I will.  Just don’t be too surprised if some time in the near future there are more videos, more memories.