Keep Calm this Summer with Kinder!

Summer vacation has arrived! Actually, for us here in BC it arrived a few weeks ago courtesy of the BC Teacher’s Strike.  

It was weird, emotional time for us all when school abruptly ended and the girls were home full time.  As happy as I always am to have my babies home full time, it felt “wrong” to be done so early, unfinished even and as strange as it may sound, it didn’t feel like “summer vacation” actually began until yesterday, when school was supposed to end. 

Anyways, now that it has begun I’m excited!  While I still have to work through the summer months, I’ve cut back my hours and I have BIG plans for our days.

Kinder - Morning play

For us, summer means, lazy mornings, playing PJ clad in our backyard on the swings.  Trips to see Papa at work, or to the park to hang out, beach time and sprinklers.  We’ll ride bikes, and go hiking and spend time together.  Thursday evenings Corey will load up his two little minis and head for the local weekly car show & shine, where they’ll check out the ol’ beauties and find a new “Hot Rod” to love.  I’m also planning a trip very soon to go see my bestest friend, who just had baby girl #3 two days ago.  I am seriously stoked about getting in some new sweet baby snuggles!!

Kinder - Car showI love these photos from a Thursday night last summer, they’re SO totally his girls.

It’s great to not be facing the mad school rush for a few months, to only pack one lunch every day instead of 3, to read books for fun not for homework, the break is overdue for sure.  It’s also a little hard because we miss our friends.  The hours we spend visiting, watching our kids play, hanging out get seriously cut over the summer months, that’s why we made a decision last summer to do something about it.  

We have a permanent playdate set up for every Monday.  Everyone who’s around meets at a local playground to let our kids hang out & play while we visit.  We all bring our own snacks and supplies, then sit in the shade of the trees as our kids laugh, play and bond even deeper.  It’s truly one of our favourite things about summer. 

Kinder - CalmI saw this on the Kinder Facebook page and had to share!  There are times a Kinder Egg for the girls (with a little “bunny bite” off each for Mommy) really DOES help keep us calm.

We’ll be bringing Kinder Eggs along for a few of these playdates, day trips and adventures of course.  They make a great gift to give our friends when the playing is done and when it comes to a long road trip nothing spices the monotony of task like a Kinder Egg.  A little treat to keep you going and toy to keep you entertained, the perfect “Are we there yet?”  solution when you really, are not there yet.

While Corey and I have no plans of traveling across the border to visit our friends in the United States I do want to give all of you who may be headed that way a quick reminder – Kinder® Surprise® eggs are not allowed to cross the border.  Keep that in mind as you plan your travels and maybe let your kids have their special treat before you make your way into the border crossing lines.  That way they’ll be busy playing with their toy while you wait, and you won’t be facing any troubles that could put a kink in your vacationing plans!

So, now that you know what we’ve got up our sleeves for this summer it’s your turn to share – what are YOU planning to do over these school free months?  What will you be filling your days with and will a Kinder Surprise or two be making its way into your plans?

“Disclosure: I’m part of theKinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation withthis group.  The opinions on this blog are my own”