Summer Memories & Fun with Kinder

Alright, so….how is it possible we’re already at the end of summer vacation?  (At least we think we’re at the end of summer vacation here in BC) It feels like only a few days ago we were saying goodbye to Grade 1 (sniff) and Preschool (SOB!) and now here we are getting ready for Grade 2 (what?) and Kindergarten (NOT possible!).

It’s been a pretty great summer, there have been road trips to see new babies, trips to the Zoo, backyard pool parties, Moms nights out (which are necessary when you’re engrossed with your children 24/7.  They’re also affectionately known as SURVIVAL), adventures on paddle boats and most recently our annual Gartner family weekend. 

Our girls have played, laughed, hung out, had treats and tried so many new things this summer!  Bethany has learned to play songs on the piano, Audrey has learned to read and they’re both still constantly writing, drawing, and creating around the clock.

Over all, it’s been good and while I can’t WAIT for Fall, the cool crisp weather, the routine of a school year and all things apple spice scented I’m going to be a little sad to see this time go!

As we’re soaking up the last few weeks of warm weather & time with our girls I’m blown away once again by how quickly it all goes.  I’m so thankful for these days with my family, for the little people I have the privilege to call my own and for the man who’s smile lights up so many photos.  


I’ve snapped many an iPhone photo this summer and I’m so glad that I can, that I did.  They help me remember when the ol’ brain cells are on “duh” and the make me smile when PMS, or whining children are threatening to make me scream. 

The thing is, I often forget to do something with them.  Other than the few I share on Instagram & Facebook, the majority of our adventures end up saved on my computer, only seem my me on a rainy day.  I’m guessing many of you are in the same boat.

The great people over at Kinder Canada have created a fun way for you to not only share your summer memories but also to save them too!

stripSummers 2012, 2013, 2014

Check out the new “Smile Booth” app on their Facebook page!  You can create your own fun photo-strip, with all your summer photos. Once you’ve LIKED them it’s really quite simple:

  1. Become a FAN of Kinder Canada
  2. Head over to the Photo Booth app
  3. Start your photo strip
  4. Upload your photos
  5. Choose your Kinder Frame
  6. Make it silly (if you want to)
  7. Save your photo, share it if you’d like
  8. Start all over again
  9. If you’d like to share your photos you can add #kindersmiles to each photo strip you share & it will be visible in the apps photo gallery
  10. BONUS: Once you’re done creating your photo strip tag Our Family Stone too – we’d love to get a look at all the summer fun you’ve had!

I had a lot of fun putting together our photos, looking at the past and seeing some of the best from this year! 


Whether they’re creating fun new apps to help parents & kids keep their memories or brain storming an exciting new toy to hide inside your Kinder Egg treat the team at Kinder Canada really has Kids and Parents at the top of their priority list.

For the past few years we’ve had the privilege of working along side this fantastic company.  We’ve not only been able to enjoy & share Kinder Eggs but we’ve also had the joy of discovering the beautiful people, the heart behind them.  Each time you buy a Kinder Egg you’re supporting a company who truly cares about families, about the bonds we have with our kids, reminding us to take time to play and supporting us when times are hard with their A Joy to Share program.  

From the bottom of my heart I’m thankful to all those who allowed us to take part in such a wonderful program.  Their products are quality, their team is fantastic & their company – outstanding! 

Have a wonderful rest of your summer friends & remember to put away the business & Take Time to PLAY with your little ones (or your husband – they like chocolate and small toys too)!


“Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own”