The kind of funny you just MUST see!

Silly Stones

 We don’t laugh enough.  Somewhere on the journey from 5 to 30 we let the process of living become a business, a serious business with worries, stresses, and responsibilities.  They become so important that they consume our days, adding weight to our chests (not the good bigger rack weight either) and wrinkles to our brows.

Sure we let out the odd giggle, our kids make us smile and from time to time you might even get in a chuckle but that’s about where it ends.  I mean we’re adults after all – we have an image to uphold.

Then we look at our kids and we see something we’re missing – joy.  They giggle as we tickle their toes, laugh at a movie and let out a full roar when they fart (OK, sometimes I might even snicker at that.  Gas is funny.  It just is).  It’s beautiful and one of the greatest parts of being a child.

I know they don’t carry around in life the things that we do.  They have us to watch over them, to carry their worries after all but still – they also have something else.  Actually, it’s not what they have but what they lack. 

They don’t care what people think of them.  They aren’t worried if it’s appropriate or not to laugh at something, and letting out the odd snort isn’t embarrassing it’s even funnier.  They are wonderful, joy- filled creatures and I envy it!

The last little while I have felt my serious, worried self really taking over.  Health things, emotional moments and anxieties that are for another day, another post can be all consuming.  Before I realize it, I’ve turned into someone I don’t particularly like.  I’m grouchy with Corey, barking orders at my girls and feeling like I’m crumbling under the elephant weighing down on my chest.

Then something wonderful happens – I have a weekend like this one where the girls and I get to have some “Girl time” with my Mom, garage sale-ing, shopping and watching chickens follow B around*.   I get the privilege of just hanging out with my girls and enjoying the cool little people they actually are.

As the time wears on I not only feel myself relaxing but a crack forms in the serious shell I’ve wrapped around myself.  

Then, as the icing on the cake someone, some fantastically awesome person decided to post this video on YouTube and yet another fantastic person chose to share it on Facebook. 


It made me laugh, really laugh.  The kind of belly aching, breath stealing, snort inducing, tears streaming down my cheeks kind of laughter.  As I laughed the weight started to lift, and I could breath again.  In fact, I laughed so hard that B, who was not (and is not allowed) watching the video couldn’t help but join in. 

That’s the thing about laughter, it’s not only “the best medicine” it’s also contagious.

I hope tonight you watch the video, I hope it hits you as funny as it did me – it’s funny because it’s true.  I think at one time or another us girls have ALL done the tight jean shimmy.

We all need a good laugh – to keep us young, to keep that joy alive. 

ps. If you have a CLEAN funny video to share pop over to our FACEBOOK post and share the link.  We’d love to see what keeps you laughing.

 *At a farm yesterday B was munching away on a mini pepper.  Not sure what to do with the stem my Mom instructed her to toss it into the chicken coop to give them a treat.  Within seconds of it landing 20+ flocked to get it, making B start to laugh.  Then she moved, and they moved with her.  Left and right, back and forth the chickens followed her, sure she had something more for them.   So funny, so cute!