Finding Grace in Small Things #15

Grace - Bread Fail

5. Baking Days – Even when my bread decides it’s a lazy Sunday and mid rise decides to collapse.  (Related: It’s still delicious & makes fabulous 3 minute French Toast)

 Grace - Daddy Working

4. A hard working husband/Daddy who puts in  10 – 14 hour days, leaving before the girls wake up and often times coming home after they’re asleep.  These fall days when we can sneak in and see him at work are so special to our girls.


3. Umbrellas.  Where we live rain (and the smell of cow poop) is common, and right now we’re in the middle of a few days of serious downpour.  Having to drop off/pick up kids at school, waiting outside to do both, I am abundantly thankful for our umbrellas that keep us, and our glasses dry!

 Grace - Workout buddies

2. My little workout buddies.  I love the mornings when they join in, and get their sweat on, not just because it’s impossibly cute but because they’re gaining a great habit & they have no idea!  This day in particular was that much better…“My two little loves decided to join the end of my morning workout today. They thought @andreaorbeck was hilarious promising us a “tight tushy”!  (Which I explained was to make hiking easier)” the giggles at all Andrea was saying were a good distraction for this Mama, who’s tushy was on fire!

 Grace - Cousins

1. Family.  We don’t see them often, or nearly enough but when we do they get soaked in!

 Grace - Family

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