Defining Generous – I Dare You!

A few weeks ago Bethany asked me a question, “Mom…what does it mean to be generous?”  She’d heard it somewhere along the way and it had been “mumbling around in my brain” as she tried to figure out what it was.  As we hopped in to the van I started to explain that being generous meant to be giving and then it hit me  – generous is a BIG word, and an even bigger action. 

I think as a general rule of thumb, when we hear the word “generous” we think of it in the monetary sense, giving money to those who are in need, or a bonus to an employee.  We think of the charitable donations, the food drives, the “pay it forward” moments and while those things are very generous things to do, they don’t fully encompass all that being generous is. 

It’s so much more than that and regardless of our financial circumstances we all have the ability on a daily basis to be incredibly generous and to give back. 

We can give with our time driving a neighbour to the doctor.  We can give with our hands helping someone change a flat tire.  We can give with our hearts, leading a listening ear or a hug on a rough day.  We can give with our words paying a stranger a complement.  We can give with our possessions, donating old clothing or food to a local food bank or mission.  And we can give with our finances to the parent we know is struggling to make ends meet. 

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The opportunities to give of ourselves, to be generous are endless and abundant, we only just have to look. 

Recently I learned that research has shown that one of the main reasons people decide to give is because someone asked them to.  It surprised me but as I thought about it, I understood.  How many times have you donated your pop bottles because someone knocked on your door looking for them, or agreed to let the cashier in your grocery store add $1 to your bill for a children’s charity?   See…it works on you too! 

Now imagine what would happen if we took asking to a different level, and gave people the idea, the chance to turn “asking” into “daring”?  What would happen if we made it a little bit of a game and every person in Canada decided that they would not only be generous but they would dare someone else to join them, to get in on the giving?   The abundance of goodness that would flow would be overwhelming! 

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That’s the exact driving force behind Dare2Give, the newest addition in the My Giving Moment Campaign.   Inspired by the Governor General of Canada, Dare2Give by My Giving Moment is asking Canadians to not only be generous of themselves by donating, volunteering or giving but to dare someone else to join them.  In essence it gives us the ability to double our giving impact by daring someone to join us and has the potential to turn Canada into a more caring nation. 

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In the wake of some serious heartache and tragedy here in Canada, with news of pain & suffering around the globe it can sometimes seem like this world is a sad, ugly place.  Then I hear about campaigns like this one and I get a renewed hope.  Not only is this world NOT a bad place, it’s actually filled with good people, with good hearts and together we can turn what might seems hopeless into something great!  

Here’s how it all works:  

You head on over to the My Giving Moment website, checkout some great ideas on how to give, do them or something of your own, complete the form, dare your friends to give with you (in their own way) and be entered to WIN a prize for a charity of your choice – the grand prize?  A Television Commercial!!!  For any charity this is a HUGE, massive win and can afford them the ability to do SO much more good!  The contest closes December 14 2014, so don’t wait (but rest assured, you can keep GIVING forever!) 

I’ve decided to kick off my giving by volunteering in both Bethany & Audrey’s classrooms this year – I want to be able to not only get involved with my girls & their peers but to give back to their teachers who do so much for them.  

Now, for the really fun part – my dares! 

Dare #1 – I’ve dare Bethany & Audrey to choose 5 toys each that they no longer are playing with to donate to our local mission.  They love helping other kids & I know they can do this! 

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Dare #2 – I dare my Mom to write 5 encouragement letters this month.  She has a beautiful gift of encouragement that I know others could benefit from. 

Dare #3 – I dare my group of Mom friends (who’s names shall remain with me for their privacy) to join us at the Chilliwack Chiefs game Nov 29 2014, which is a feature night for The Wanted Children’s Foundation to learn about all they are doing  & trying to do in Africa! 

Now it’s your turn!  Visit the My Giving Moment website, make your dares and then let it soak in, the warmth and joy that comes in the wake of those generous moments or see below to enter the number of people you’ve challenged right now! 



Although this post has been generously sponsored by Rideau Hall Foundation, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Rideau Hall Foundation.

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