Packing it in – Eating on the Run

Over the years, as my food allergies have increased, the ability to eat out has dramatically decrease.  The addition of corn and ALL its many bi-products to the majority of the food we consume has meant that even a simple tossed salad or a cup of tea can become a dangerous and painful venture for me. 

Restaurants try to disclose their ingredients, labels give vague details of what’s included (ever wonder, “What are natural flavorings?  And why not use the real thing?”) and “pre-washed” vegetables taunt me in the grocery store aisles. 

After years of trying and failing when it comes to eating out, of severe reactions and painful hours after I have basically given up eating out.  If I want to fuel my body when I’m on the road, I need to pack the food (and most often before it’s packed I need to bake/make it) and bring it along. 

In general, as frustrated as I am about the garbage they’re putting into our food, and the fact that it leaves me without options, I’m also ok with it.   I’m not really spontaneous by nature, I like to plan, I like to be organized (list writers unite!) and I like to consume healthy foods.  So, planning & packing food isn’t really a problem for me.

It also great on our pocket books.  For the most part if I’m already packing myself food, I pack things for my family as well.  I like knowing what they’re eating and the savings of packing your own lunch/snacks vs. purchasing them can be huge!  Don’t get me wrong, they still eat out at times, and I totally think treats are fun – I just like to find the balance.

For me, the part I find most frustrating about the packing of food process, is the container, containment!  It’s a thing, really. 

You see 4 people + snacks + lunch = a WHOLE LOTTA containers.  Now, I have a minivan and it does have a lot of room, but I’d prefer to not use up all that space with our containers. 

Rubbermaid - Lunch 2

As part of the same opportunity I had to try out these storage space saving Rubbermaid containers, I was also given the opportunity to try out the Rubbermaid LunchBlox Sandwich Kit containers.

These containers have been designed to be a lunch packers dream!  The containers are perfectly portioned into different sizes, with a Built-In Blue Ice pack, and the lids/containers all snap together.   I think the fact that they all lock together is my favourite feature.  Since we are often times on the move driving while I’m eating, having everything together as one means I’m not chasing flying salad & cashews across my van.

The Built-In Blue Ice means that my daily salad & dressing, along with the girls’ cheese & crackers stay cool for longer.  Warm lettuce makes me gag and squishy cheese is nasty!  They’re also large enough that I’m able to pack things for more than just one of us to eat.

So far, I’m really impressed with these containers, not just for my lunches but in the girls’ school lunches too.  We can separate out a few containers each and they still lock together.  Then when they get home, I’m able to toss them into the dishwasher (or microwave if we’re warming up what’s left) without having to worry!

Packing lunches & snacks whether you’re facing food allergies like I am or just trying to make better choices for your family is easier with the Rubbermaid LunchBlox Sandwich Kit!

If you’re already packing lunches, do you have these fantastic containers to work with?   What do you pack?

If you don’t pack lunches, I’d love to urge you to give it a try – you’ll be surprised at how easy & beneficial it is!

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