Hot Wheels – The BIG Boy Edition

Growing up I remember spending hours with my brother setting up & playing with his Hot Wheels tracks.  Shooting cars through loops, having races & maybe the odd argument over who’s car was better*.  They were a great source of entertainment & whether it was in the house or out in the mud, if there were a few cars to be found, there was endless amounts of fun to be had.

Our girls are no different.  Dainty & motherly in one breath, they’re quick to dive into their daddies work with Hot Wheels & Lego.  Building & constructing, making random & often body function like noises racing their cars around my living room, or watching them sore through their bath tub track.  The giggles are never far behind and the fun in just as sweet.

As kids you always imagine that maybe one day when you grow up you’ll be able to do those things that you love as a job.   Sometimes, those dreams come true, our littles grow into mechanics & veterinarians, doctors & fashion designers, mothers & fathers.  They take pieces of their imaginary worlds and let them help shape who they want to be in the future – it’s what makes imaginary play so fundamental (in my opinion) to the growth & development of our children.

As parents we get to watch.  We get to wonder who they’ll become and what they’ll do.  We too imagine doctors & nurses, roofers & firefights, song writers & teachers, dreaming dreams for our kids just as big as their own.  Those moments of play give us glimpses into how their made, and what their bend is.

They don’t however, usually indicate exactly who they’re going to be.  I don’t think  many, if any parents have watched their daughter play with Barbies & imagine that one day they’ll grow up and live with Ken in a dream house, so pink it looks like a unicorn threw up on it.   They didn’t see their boys running around in a black cape and imagine a future of Bat mobiles & secret lights in the night sky.  They didn’t watch their children, playing with those Hot Wheels, and picture them one day zooming around the track, but maybe they should have….

A few weeks ago while searching some car stuff on YouTube Corey, the girls & I discovered something incredible.  It’s mind blowing and also incredibly insane!  These people, the ones at Hot Wheels (this by the way is NOT sponsored.  This is just too crazy not to share) decided to take every kids amazing car dreams and make them reality….

This last one you HAVE to watch to the end.  Listen carefully to what they’re saying – the DUDE PASSED OUT while driving and they brought him in.  Seriously, these stunts are the coolest and most insane things we’ve seen.  An hour after discovering all these videos we sat there stunned and what we’d just seen.

As a mother, I want nothing more for my girls and the moon.  I pray that they’ll find happiness and all their hearts desire.  That they’ll follow God and become the women that He wants them to be, not who we want them to be.  I’ve always tried to give that up open handed, but lets be honest, after watching these I may have sent up a prayer or 70 that this would not be on that list!