Finding Grace in Small Things #17

For the past 3.5 weeks life in our house, in my heart has been chaotic, uncertain and quite simply shifted right upside down. 

While we are scrambling to adjust to Audrey’s diagnosis, to the changes we need to make, the world we need to discover and all the things in between, regular life has had to continue on.  It has been and for a while will continue to be overwhelming and if I let it, all consuming.

As I sat down to write tonight I started thinking about a conversation I had with “the ladies” this afternoon about the choices we have in life.  Some days, joy is a choice not an automatic, happiness is an action not always a feeling and being positive takes effort not ease.  It’s something I tell my girls on a regular basis, and today it’s something I’m telling myself.

For me, there are very few things that help me choose joy better than looking through and seeing all the blessing God has laced through my days.  He is SO good, and I know that in the middle of all this messy life He is there and His mercies, his grace truly are new every morning.

G16 - Pedicure

5. Girls’ Night Pedicures: Every Tuesday night Corey has Care group.  A time where he connects with some seriously awesome men, and where his soul is filled up.  It’s also a time when the Stone girls get to just be girls.  We hang out, we do homework, paint nails and talk about life (and boys!).  It fills me up, to the deepest part of me and reminds me how thankful I am that we were blessed with daughters!

G16 - glasses

4. Glasses and choices – Bethany has been feeling down lately about having to wear glasses.  Thanks to Clearly Contacts and bosses who provide us with great benefit packages we were able to order another new pair to give her choice.  These fit well and are so darn cute on her!

G16 - Tutu

3. Tutus – There’s simply nothing sweeter than a little girl in a tutu.

G16 - Catch

2. Catch! – Watching these 3 play catch and hearing the girls shrieks of joy when they caught the ball made me laugh & melt all at once.

G16 - Skype

1. Skype Dates – One of Bethany’s most treasured friends moved away this past August, she has spent months missing her desperately.  I’m so very thankful for Skype and the ability for them to not only talk to one another but see each other too. 

There is grace, there is beauty and there is joy in every day – if we just take the time to see it.

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