Finding Grace in Small Things – The Musical Edition


I truly believe there is nothing in life that can’t be soothed, celebrated or healed by music.  Crying babies, potty trained toddlers, celebrating graduates & googly eyed newlyweds all find exactly what they need to say, to feel in the lyrics of a song.  The melodies have the ability to lift our spirits, push us through cleaning the toilets (oh ya they do!) and allow us the tears we’ve held in for so long.

Songs, and the people who write them also give us permission to feel what we feel, to give us hope when all seems lost and to say the words we couldn’t manage to say. 

For me, this past week in particular that music has helped me shift my focus & my attitude.  I have felt His grace, His sweet, beautiful grace in each of these songs this week and I hope you will too…

5. The Sun is Rising: Britt Nicole

I love my early mornings.  I’m up each day, long before the sun comes up, sweating like it’s the Sahara desert.  My workouts have me facing one of our big living room windows, giving me the great pleasure of seeing the beauty in those first few rays of light.  There are rainy days, gloomy dreary days, and clear bright ones but one thing never changes – the darkness slowly fades and light, of all colors and illuminations always comes.

4. Life is a Highway: Rascal Flatts

No joke, this song is the one that put our girls to sleep as infants.  No soothing lullabies would work when the “witching hour” would come and Bethany would scream from 7-8pm.  However, crank this tune and she’d be down and out for the count within 5 minutes.  2 years later it worked wonders on Audrey and to this day I can’t help but feel peace and joy when I hear the tune.

3. We Believe: Newsboys

We believe, without a shadow of a doubt or a moment of hesitation – we believe!

2. God’s Not Dead: Newsboys

Again, we believe.  Two years ago, in the midst of another really trying time for us I woke up from a deep sleep in the middle of the night, sat straight up in bed and began belting out “God’s not dead He’s surely alive…”.  Thankfully Corey slept right through (it’s a man thing) but I was impacted deeply – my God was reminding me He was roaring on our behalf.  I began playing the song over and over, and it quickly became one of the girls’ favourites.  They still one a regular basis belt it out along with me.

Yesterday I put it on while we worked away on some chores and when it finished I turned to Bethany and said, “Hey B, did you know?  God’s Not Dead!”, “Ya, I know.”  “How do you know?” I asked – “Because Mom, I’m alive, He made me.  How could He be dead?!”


1. Not for a Moment: Meredith Andrews

Not for a moment, not a single moment on this journey of our lives has God walked away from us.  Whether you choose to know Him and talk with His is up to you, but I promise, not any where you go will you be alone.  I know I’m not, and even in all that is dark I have the sweet, beautiful reassurance that He hasn’t left me.  Not even once…not for a moment.


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