5 Bad Behaviours – Social Media Style

You know what’s annoying?  Bad manners.  Bad manners are seriously, annoying.  

Actually, let’s be real – they aren’t just annoying they’re infuriating.  Depending on the extend of their “manner deficiency” some people make me wanna punch them – in their face.  Except that, that’s not nice, and it’s kinda bad manners, and I have children to set an example for…so I don’t.

In the past 10 or so years, the introduction of regular social media interaction has taken our lives and how we interact with people by storm.

We can connect, share & engage with each other in ways that didn’t exist before.  Our computers, tablets, & cell phones allow our “voices” to be heard without ever opening our mouths.  Those screens give us a false sense of security to say, share & post things we wouldn’t in “real life”. In short – manners grow wings and fly right, straight out the window!

You see, that security we feel is false.  The things we say, the pictures we post & the actions we have are still shaping the world’s view of us, but now in a more dangerous and cloaked way.

The Internet is like Las Vegas


The internet is like Las Vegas – “What happens online, stays online”.  

Which means, nothing you say, nothing you do, nothing you see online will ever really go away.  It is there forever and your lack of manners now, may potentially be spoiling your future.

Employers will Google you, check your Facebook, search your Twitter and if you’re not careful, they may find things that cost you the job.  The same can be said for the people you’re going to date, the in-laws you hope to have (“Sir…may I marry your daughter?”, “Sure Son, right after you explain this picture from 2011…what is that in your hand & who are all those girls?”) and one day even your children’s opinion of you (they will look you up, I promise!).

So, what do you do?  How do you avoid destroying your future?

You pull out some manners, install a little common sense and make better choices.

To help you out, here are the top 5 WORST Social Media Bad Behaviours.  Avoid these things at all costs in an effort to not only preserve your future but to not annoy the living daylights out of your family & friends.

  1. Tasteless Photos: Do not EVER share photos of naked or nearly naked people (you or anyone else) or of doing anything illegal.  Avoid sharing photos of heavy partying (eg. the “Spring Break” photos…), alcohol consumption, the morning after etc. 

    Why: They make you look irresponsible, dangerous, carefree and sometimes down right pervy.   Also, it’s not just family & friends watching your social media.  If you’re involved in illegal activity (STOP IT NOW) the police, FBI and special agencies are watching too.

  2. Complaining: constantly.  Everyone has bad days, & it’s totally OK to share that once in a while.  After all, if you had a really rough day you’d share it with your girlfriends.  However, don’t make every update, post, comment negative, and/or a paragraph long of “oh woe is me”.

    Why: It’s annoying.  Sometimes life is hard but seriously, it doesn’t suck ALL of the time.  At least it shouldn’t, if it does then you need to seriously look at how to change it!  People would stop being your friend in real life if you complained like that all the time & they will “unfriend/unfollow” you on social media too.  Sympathy is not and endless stream, it will run dry!

  3. Bragging: While the polar opposite of complaining, bragging is just about as bad.  Again, share your happy news, give people a chance to celebrate with you – and then stop.  Be especially cautious to not rub other’s faces in whatever it that is making you so happy, particularly if they are struggling in the same area. 

    Why: This is often unintentional but overly sharing great news can make someone feel inferior and you look conceited.  We all run the risk of this in real life too, so just be careful.  Share it but don’t rub it. 

  4. Selfie-ing: The occasional “Hey I got new glasses” or “I lost 25lbs!” is totally acceptable.  However, flooding my Instagram feed with 31 pictures of you with a weird sucked-in-cheeks-kissy-face-lips pose stating “Random no make up #unfilterd” is SO not cool.  In fact it’s lame, I can see your eyeliner & do you really have that halo glow around your head all the time?

    Why: I can’t necessarily say that an overload of selfies is going to cost you a job, but I can say for certainty it can cost you a whole lot respect & friends.  You look conceited, or like you’re fishing for complements and it’s stupid.  You wouldn’t walk up to a group of your friends, flip your hair, pout your lips and sadly say “I’m feeling positively disgusting today” *dramatic pause*, would you?  Probably not, so don’t do it online.  I have unfollowed many who seem to have selfie-itis.  

  5. Over Sharing: I do NOT need to know the color of your daughter’s poop, the smell of your husband’s shoes or the way you do your “personal grooming”.  I don’t want see a photo of your inner thigh gap, the nasty mole on your back or snot running down your toddler’s face.  Don’t detail the struggles in your marriage, things that will embarrass your children later or how you really feel about Aunt Ida.

    Why: Really?  I have to explain it? Ok.  It’s like this – nobody wants to know & most people don’t care. It also falls under disaster waiting to happen. It appears that you don’t have good discression and that makes an employer nervous.
    Would you sit in a job interview and show the guy how your butt now has the “smile crease” thanks to all those squats?  Probably not (and if you would, then we can’t be friends) but if you put it out there, he may find it. Besides, cousin Cody let Aunt Ida use his Facebook this morning and you’re now seriously screwed out of your Christmas duck socks.  It’s also often kinda gross, so please – just don’t.

  6. Fishing: I know I said 5 but I just couldn’t leave this one out.  It may be a little redundant but it is seriously one of the most annoying.  DON’T USE SOCIAL MEDIA to fish for complements.  Don’t fish for complements in real life.  It’s lame, makes you look so insecure, and weak.  We all have our insecurities but we need to be careful how we let them control us.  Just like you shouldn’t brag don’t berate yourself either – you are worth WAY more than the horrible things you say to yourself.  
    And, if you’re really having a rough day why not try something new – tell the truth.   If you can’t find anything positive to say to yourself, don’t post a stupid selfie, maybe admit that you need a few words of affirmation and see what happens.

There are more, I could go on but I won’t.  

Instead, I’d love to know what social media bad habits totally drive you cra-ZY?