The Dead Green Thumb



From My God’s Garden

I come from a long line of gardeners – my Mom, my Dad, my Nan, even my brother can grow unending bounties of things.  Flowers, cucumbers, pumpkins, blueberries, tomatoes, roses, the lists of things they manage to grow in abundance seems a mile long.  

It goes beyond just having a “green thumb”, I think their insides are completely green – heck if you close enough, I bet even their pee is green!  (Also, you’re peeing green you should see someone about it…that’s not normal)

They love it and can often be heard saying silly things like, “it’s so relaxing” and “all you have to do is water it”, as if all that growing just magically happens.

It doesn’t, just so you know.  It totally does NOT just happen and green thumbs are NOT genetic.  Wanna guess how I know?


It’s a stinkin’ good thing I manage to keep these kids alive because when it comes to plants, their entrance into my life is their life sentence.  With the exception of the cactus I was given 6 years ago, who thrives on neglect I have never, not once kept another house plant alive.


Proof of my neglect and His success

If you were to look at the outside of our house you may think I was totally full of the BS since I have two absolutely flourishing & beautiful rose bushes out there.  However, I am not the only reason they are doing so well is because they’re in God’s space – He gets the credit not me.  I don’t even prune them regularly – or until they’re taking up so much sidewalk people might complain.

Part of the problem is that I hate, hate getting dirt under my finger nails.  I don’t mind bread dough, cinnamon & sugar or even ground beef on my hands but dirt makes me cringe.  And before you start telling me I can wear gloves, they don’t work.  That sneaky stuff gets in there & it’s almost instantly gritty – YUCK!

The other part of the problem is I get so busy I forget about them, in particular to water them.  Oh, I’ll think about it as I walk out the door, land a sweet tuck jump or hit the shower and put it in the ol’ “gotta get it done” portion of my memory bank.  It has a secret backdoor that any & all things non-essential seem to slip right through, never to be seen again.


I used to get upset about it.  I used to feel like a failure and worry that my garden loving girls were going to grow up deprived, void of all talent & skills necessary to earn the name “green thumb”, and I alone, would be responsible for breaking the generational gardener’s chain.

Then I discovered something.  These two little creatures, under the watchful eye & patient teachings of my parents are actually fantastic little gardeners – with fully developed “Green Thumbs”.









Yesterday after work I was escorted outside to see their garden and I was blow away.  The pumpkins Audrey had started from seed in our kitchen window, the watermelon plants & Bethany’s beans are all doing fantastic! (Thanks Mom & Dad for helping care for them too!)  


Little watermelon

I love watching the pride on their face as they show me their “babies”.  I love seeing how gentle they are, how happy it makes them and how clean my hands get to remain.  

Thanks to some pretty special people I will happily proclaim my thumbs black (from dark chocolate creations of course) and my fridge full of wonderful, home grown goodness!