5 Times Buzzfeed Made Me Snort!

The Original

If you’re following us on Facebook then you’ll probably already know I’ve been spending some time on Buzzfeed.  (And if you’re NOT following us on Facebook, why not?  We have good chats, share silly stuff & love getting to connect with you!)  

It actually takes very little time at all to find things that are entertaining over there I’m learning.  Oh there’s a lot of “articles” (if you can call mindless fodder an article) that are lame, gross or should really come with parental warnings but amidst all that are some real gems.  

There are articles (the real kind) that are thought provoking, others that are really informative & ones that make you flat out LAUGH OUT LOUD (not to be confused with the overused LOL, this is real life dudes.  Real, snort while you read, laugh till you pee funny).

Since it’s Friday and laughter is one of those things you simply can’t have too much of I thought I’d share my most recent “snort worthy” finds.  

Be warned some of these may be completely unfunny to you.  In fact, if sarcasm isn’t your thing, this may not appeal to you at all.  I however, LOVE me some sarcasm.  (The kind that is funny, not the kind that belittles people – that’s just not cool)

Life's too short...

So, here it is.  Check ’em out, laugh and have a great weekend!

Also – I’d love to hear which one YOU liked.  Do you agree with me?  Are these funny or do you think I’m chillin’ all alone out there in left field?  When was the last time YOU had a seriously awesome laugh, in the out loud fashion?

29 Dad’s Who Have Reached Peak Dad

   The dad from #17 is my BFF.  That is exactly how I feel about winter, and this summer – the really cold and the really hot make me angry.  They could both die & leave Fall & Spring to fill in the gaps, they could handle it!

   #28 needs to move to our neighbourhood.  We could all use that kind of free entertainment.

Hey Guys, Here’s a Canadian Reminder Not to Complain About the Heat

    And THIS is why Winter needs to die.  I have never seen #15 but sadly it seems the rest of the world has.  Way to help us look cool Canadian Government!

23 Products For Anyone Who’s Feeling Stressed Out

    I need #8 for our girls, it needs to attach to their faces and come with a lock that only I have the key for.  #11 would make Corey so happy and #19 is probably his deepest secret.

   Zen gardens DO help you de-stress and anyone who tells me that #6 didn’t make them simultaneously think “What the…?”, “Gross” & “HA!” is lying.

21 of the Most Hilariously Honest “No Name” Products

    While I love the honesty of these products, maybe they should spend just a little bit of money on their marketing/packaging departments.  “Nippy Cheese?”

26 Pictured Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time

   Yes.  Yes they will.

Happy Friday Friends!