Please pass the disinfectant

Sick Bethy

Fact: Schools are buildings filled with young, impressionable minds, great ideas and the most DISGUSTING GERMS EVER.

I don’t know if it’s because they lick each other when we’re not looking (I wish this were a joke…) or if it’s because covering your mouth & using a tissue (not your sleeve) is so 1999 or if it’s because the building is old and its heating vents double as bacteria guns but it’s something.  And whatever that something is, it needs to change/disappear/die so these kids can be healthy & these mamas can get sleep!

Our girls have been back in school just over a month and they have been hit with the worst flu I have ever seen.  It started with Audrey, who’s stomach and lower body were covered in itchy spots (not chicken pox) that turned into blisters that look like they may scar (though she didn’t scratch).  Then a day later at 5:30am I woke up to the poor little bug puking.

She threw up so much and so hard that she blew a blood vessel in her eye and smashed her little face off the toilet.  She spent 4 days so sick battling the tummy bug while her body worked hard to suppress an underlying fever.  

Monday she finally seemed somewhat on the mend and despite the fact that the fatigue is still pretty intense (and not helping with some of the other issues we’re working through) I thought maybe this family was winning.

Then midnight came and I woke up to Bethany – puking.  She proceeded to lose the contents of her stomach every 15 – 20 minutes for the next 8 hours.  The process has slowed down some now but she is still so sick.  My heart breaks for her, how rotten she feels and because she’s being so sweetly brave.

Sick sucks.  Whether your kid has the stomach flu, a cold or a broken bone – an unwell child hurts my heart deeply.  

It also leaves me terrified the germs are going to spread and I have been Lysol wiping any and every surface I possible can.  I’ve washed my hands until they’ve cracked and bled and at times I’ve seriously considered even Lysoling the children….except I don’t.

I know it’s not just us, kids are dropping like flies at the school right now, courtesy of this bug & a wicked cold going around.  I know it’s just the nature of school, but I don’t have to like it.

In fact, I hate it!  I feed our family healthy, clean (often) organic foods.  We exercise together and apart.  We have good bedtimes & keep our home clean.  There are vitamins and probiotics, all the “right” things, we even had homemade chicken soup where even the broth was homemade and STILL we get sick.  

Really, what it boils down to is life.  You can do your best, with your diet, with your lifestyle, with your habits and while it all helps, there is no sure guarantee for good health, happiness or parenting.  We have only one choice – do our best, be as diligent as we can and then roll with the punches (and the pukies).

That or maybe we could just start Lysoling all our children in the morning…

What is YOUR best remedy for a tummy bug?  How do you help your kiddos feel better?