The Quietest Loud Voice


I like words.  I’m a talker, a hand talker (DUCK!).  Writing makes me happy and I read as much, as often as I can because information is AMAZING!  And often times, as my friends can attest to, my text messages require a coffee and a 5 minute interlude to complete.  With the exception of talking on the phone, which makes my ear sweaty and my shoulder hurt – I love any chance I can get to make myself heard.

God has given me a strong opinion, a lot of words (believe it or not there are even MORE inside my head that I don’t let out) and good lungs to facilitate the long windedness.

I used to be embarrassed by the fact that I talk so much.  I used to get made fun of, teased, scolded and feel the sting of comments like “she has verbal diarrhea”.  I used to think that there was something wrong with me and it made me so self conscious.    

Then I had a little girl who has the same gift and I had to start digging deep into what to do to survive it (did you know that it’s possible to feel like your ears might actually bleed from listening to so much talking?!). During that search I learned something…God made us this like this for a reason.  He has a plan for our voices, we just have to learn how to use them in the right way.

For me I’ve learned there are times I have to pull back on my words.  Times I have to delete entire paragraphs in a blog for fear of cresting 2000 words.  Times I have to apologize to my friends because I’ve cut them off (again) during an intense conversation.  Even times when my emotions run high, my brain is running fast and silence is the best I can do.  

Then there are times when I have to stand up and use that voice.  I’ve been given this voice to advocate for my children’s health, to facilitate their education and to build them up with my words.  I have the ability to be a “truth-teller” with people I love when everyone else is afraid to say what’s hard (if the pants look bad, I’m gonna tell ya the pants look bad.  Then we’re gonna find ones that look smokin’!) and do my best to lace that ability with a silver thread of tact & compassion.  And I have the ability to use my voice to affect change in my life and the lives around me.

Today, I used my voice in a powerful way.  It was the quietest my voice has ever been and yet it will join with others to be expressed loudly, across this country.

This morning after kissing Bethany goodbye at school, I walked into the gym and did something I’ve never done before (because I was afraid)(which was silly because it was SO easy) I voted in our federal election.

A lot of sacrifices happened & people died to give you a voice.Show your gratitude and

It took less than 5 minutes.  In fact it was 3 minutes from the moment I walked through the gym doors to the moment I walked out.  It took 3 minutes to do something that thousands of Canadians won’t do today, many of them for the same reasons I didn’t.  

If that’s you I want to beg you, to push you, to SHOUT AS LOUDLY as the internet will allow GO VOTE!  (Check out this link to show you the differences in the parties)

Thousands of men and women fought, suffered, sacrificed and died to give us the freedom to vote.  If you celebrate & remember them on Remembrance Day, then you need to take today, place your vote and silently say Thank You for all they’ve done.

Friends, we live in Canada.  One of the greatest countries in the world.  In comparison to the rest of the world we have good health care, clean water, safe streets & the freedom to be who we are.  We’ll never be completely satisfied with everything that’s human nature but we can be pretty darned thankful for most of it.  

So, grab your voter card (or a few pieces of ID) and go vote.  Now is your chance, to say thank you, to use your voice and to affect a change.  

Every. Single. Vote. Counts.  That means YOU too!

*Those two people at the top of this post, (my grandparents) made great sacrifices so WE could use our voices today!  Please honor that by doing it!*