Finding Grace in Small Things #19


5. Sister Snuggles

These two little ladies can fight with the best of them.  They’ve been known to hurdled some serious words at one another, pull hair and scream (just for the sake of screaming) until I’m about ready to smash their heads together.  They have an incredible ability to push me to the brink of sanity with their bickering.

Then they turn around and love on each other in the sweetest of ways.  The other night, while watching Masterchef Junior, I looked over to see this beautiful sight.  They were snuggled up together, Bethany carefully brushing hair off of Audrey’s face and my heart turned to ganache.

4. A sick support team

The girls and I went down sick this past week and a bit.  I had a fever like I haven’t had in years, as did they.  My body complained and at times I wasn’t certain I could manage to walk up the stairs let alone feed the children.

Corey was, as he always is, my rock.  He worked all day and came home to help fix food, bathe babies and pick up groceries.  He got up in the middle of the night with the kids and rubbed my back until sleep finally came.  

There are days when I like to think of myself as an invincible power house, capable of “doing it all”.  Then I get sick, the kids get sick and I get a good dose of reality – I wasn’t made to do it all.  I was given an amazing family and a wonderful husband to help me along the way.  They’re my support team and I’m so glad to have them.


3. Nine and Seven

This month Bethany turned 9 and Audrey turned 7!  As each year passes, and I marvel at how quickly it goes by,  I am reminded of how blessed I am to have these girls.  I’m thankful for each year, I do my best not to be sad to see the previous one go, but rather relish the new one yet to come.

I love the relationships I have with my girls.  I love the cool people they are growing in to and I’m excited to see what their 9th and 7th years will hold for them, and this family.


2. Pediatric Dentists

After months and months of working at it Audrey finally had her teeth cleaned, x-rays done and flouride applied.  I don’t have words for how long and hard it was to get to this point.

She was afraid, completely terrified of the dentist and up until recently refused to open her mouth.  Audrey’s been through a lot in her 7 years and while she’s an amazing rockstar with all the doctors and nurses she sees, the dentist was a different story.

We’ve worked hard with our pediatric dentist and all the trips, tears and patience paid off.  


1. The end of “Birthday” month

January is loaded with birthdays.  In our family alone there are 13 we celebrate this month.  We also have a bunch of great friends who also have their birthdays this month.  

It makes January a busy and very tiresome month.  I spend weeks (literally weeks) preparing birthday dinners, birthday cakes, throwing parties and having family meals.  There are birthday gifts to buy and to wrap, people to make feel special and planning to fit it all in.  It is the craziest month of the year for me and when January 31 arrives I am so glad.  

Being sick made this January particularly intense and I must say, I’m going to be unbelievably thankful to say hello to February.