Gluten Free Waffle Cones & Bowls Recipe!

“80/20. That’s how I believe we need to live our lives. 80% of the time we eat clean. We exercise. We take care of ourselves & make good choices.

20% of the time we spend Sunday in the kitchen making Gluten Free Waffle Cones & Bowls. Then serve them with (a moderate serving) of ice cream and enjoy every bite. Knowing exactly what’s in it, and what chemicals are NOT.”

That’s what I wrote on my Ashley Stone Fitness Facebook page when I shared the video of photos from my recipe experiment yesterday.  A montage of pictures that were full of sugar, (healthy) fats and carbs.  That had chocolate swirls, mint & chocolate toppings.  That was done to celebrate a belated National Soft Ice Cream day.  That made each of the members of my little family so happy and my heart burst at the seams. 

Firstly because seeing them enjoy food, enjoy a treat makes me so happy.  We eat clean and healthy 80%, heck sometimes 95% of the time.  When we do indulge in a treat, I want them to enjoy every second of it.  THAT is how you create balance in life.


Second, because once I again I smashed through the myth that “gluten free is bland”, that “gluten free is chemical garbage”, that “gluten free tastes like cardboard”.

NONE of those things have to be true!

 I work really hard to limit what processed foods we purchase.  To buy the freshest, least chemical covered/containing foods possible.  To cook from scratch making it safe and nutritious for each of us, while still staying within a budget.

I spend hour up hour in my kitchen testing recipes, modifying other recipes, playing with ingredients.  Touching food (texture tells a LOT), smelling food and watching how it reacts.  It’s like a mystery I need to solve!

Failure happens.  Not often, but sometimes I have things that turn out “ok-ish” (like a smoothie I tried to make taste like an oreo and keep healthy.  The result was more lack luster, and chalky) and other things that do a complete belly flop (like the first round of gluten free bagels that my knife bent trying to cut). 

What can I say?  Just like I am in life, my recipes, our food is a work in progress.

These however are a home run!  

I took a recipe that looked good.  Made a few minor tweaks and then got to playing around.  The end result?

A house that smelled delicious and treats that were devoured.

You can absolutely make this recipe with wheat flour instead of gluten free flour if you don’t need to be G Free (it’s not healthier to eat gluten free flour unless you are Celiac or have a gluten allergy).  

Also, for the original recipe I modified and a video on how to roll your cones, check out  Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Video.  She’s fab if you didn’t already know it, you should follow her.  Now.  I’ll wait.

If you DO make these, please comment & let me know!  I really do love hearing how my recipes translate for others.  And seeing your twist on what I’ve built fills my happy spot.  You could also tag me on social media (@ourfamilystone on Instagram or Twitter,  Our Family Stone or Ashley Stone Fitness on Facebook or use the hashtag #ofsbakes and I’ll find you!)

Have a wonderful and sweet week my friends!  Happy baking!

Gluten Free Waffle Cones & Bowls
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  1. 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  2. 2 Large Egg Whites
  3. 3 TBSP + 2 tsp unsweetened vanilla almond or coconut milk
  4. 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
  5. pinch of salt
  6. 2/3 cup Gluten free flour
  7. 2 TBSP butter, melted (do NOT sub margarine)
  8. melted chocolate (optional)
  1. *pre-heat a non-stick skillet on medium heat*
  2. Whisk together egg whites, milk, vanilla, sugar and salt
  3. Sift in flour and stir to combine. (MUST sift it!)
  4. Stir in melted butter
  5. Grease pan and put in a little LESS than 1/4 cup
  6. Immediately begin swirling batter outwards to make a very thin layer! (Link to Gemma's video in comments to see method)
  7. Cook until edges are set and batter is slightly bubbled.
  8. Release with a thin spatula and carefully lift the cone and flip it.
  9. Cool approx 1-2 more minutes until golden brown.
  10. Remove from pan and immediately shape into cone or bowl
  11. Let cool.
  12. To seal Cones dip ends in melted chocolate.
  13. Best served the same day but will store a day or two in an air tight container (though they will soften slightly)
Adapted from Gemma Stafford's Bigger Bolder Baking
Our Family Stone