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It was 2006, I was a newlywed, largely pregnant, bored girl, with medical problems brought on by my pregnancy that meant that I was stuck at home full-time.  This resulted in hours spent frying brain cells watching far too much daytime TV, knitting everything in sight and maybe eating the odd pan of brownies…by myself.  In a desperate attempt to feel connected to those around me (and maybe to soothe my inner nosey girl) I started reading a few blogs of some of the girls in our church.

Then I had an epiphany, I love to write, heck I even did pretty well in English class, why not start a blog.  I figured even if nobody ever read a word I’d have an outlet for the copious amounts of energy burning a whole in my recliner and best case scenario, the family that lived miles away could keep up with the little things in our lives.  Thus Our Family Stone – hosted through Blogspot was born.

Fast forward 4 years and life has taken off.  We now have 2 beautiful little pebbles – 2 little girls who fill out lives with fun, love, trips to the potty and chaos, we live in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia and we can be heard saying at least once a day, “So much to do, so little time…”

As for the blog front, the time had come to release my inner independent girl and say “Chow” to Blogspot.  That’s right, I jumped ship and we’re flying solo.  Over the years we’ve discovered that it’s not only our family and everyday life friends reading but also countless others, many of whom have become real heart friends.  Doors have been opened for me personally with a few different writing opportunities, primarily one for Mamapedia Voices.  Check out my “Makes Me Feel Famous” page for links to my other published work.  

What does the future hold?  I wish I knew.   As for life, we leave it in God’s hands, pretty much we’ve discovered (through many moments of trial and error) that He really rocks at this whole control thing and I, well I suck.   We plan on watching our children grow and in doing our best to raise them into women they, themselves are proud of – because whomever they become we’re already proud of them!  Don’t ask me if we’re done having babies, I don’t want to talk about it.  Seriously, don’t ask.

Where this blog is concerned, I don’t have much more of a clue.  I’ll keep writing what gets in my head, I’ll keep posting photos of our beautiful children and our everyday life and we’ll see where that leads.  You can be confident that each new post will hold a whole lot of my opinion, probably a fist full of sarcasm (because it makes me giggle, and Chandler is my hero) and a good dash of emotions.  I also speak with punctuation! and (parenthesis), so get used to it.  I also love comments, it’s my inner high school socially inept girl needing affirmation, it’s also probably because I LOVE to talk and so a comment feels as though it’s a real communication thing.  Keep in mind I always speak my mind, and you’re free to do so as well, just don’t be surprised if I tell you when or if I don’t like it.

If you managed to get to the end of this and are still awake, thanks!  We’re glad your here, I hope you enjoy what you find and as always, enjoy the adventure that is life, I know we are!


One thought on “About Me

  1. Dude! I love Chandler too!! Man, while reading this about me section I was thinking – wait me too.. oohh me too, at one point (when it came to the speaking in punctuation part) I thought.. she's not writing about herself -pah! it's about me! lol ok so not quite but I can definitely see why we get along.

    PS. sarcasm is fun for me too!

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