Finding Grace in Small Things #19


5. Sister Snuggles

These two little ladies can fight with the best of them.  They’ve been known to hurdled some serious words at one another, pull hair and scream (just for the sake of screaming) until I’m about ready to smash their heads together.  They have an incredible ability to push me to the brink of sanity with their bickering.

Then they turn around and love on each other in the sweetest of ways.  The other night, while watching Masterchef Junior, I looked over to see this beautiful sight.  They were snuggled up together, Bethany carefully brushing hair off of Audrey’s face and my heart turned to ganache.

4. A sick support team

The girls and I went down sick this past week and a bit.  I had a fever like I haven’t had in years, as did they.  My body complained and at times I wasn’t certain I could manage to walk up the stairs let alone feed the children.

Corey was, as he always is, my rock.  He worked all day and came home to help fix food, bathe babies and pick up groceries.  He got up in the middle of the night with the kids and rubbed my back until sleep finally came.  

There are days when I like to think of myself as an invincible power house, capable of “doing it all”.  Then I get sick, the kids get sick and I get a good dose of reality – I wasn’t made to do it all.  I was given an amazing family and a wonderful husband to help me along the way.  They’re my support team and I’m so glad to have them.


3. Nine and Seven

This month Bethany turned 9 and Audrey turned 7!  As each year passes, and I marvel at how quickly it goes by,  I am reminded of how blessed I am to have these girls.  I’m thankful for each year, I do my best not to be sad to see the previous one go, but rather relish the new one yet to come.

I love the relationships I have with my girls.  I love the cool people they are growing in to and I’m excited to see what their 9th and 7th years will hold for them, and this family.


2. Pediatric Dentists

After months and months of working at it Audrey finally had her teeth cleaned, x-rays done and flouride applied.  I don’t have words for how long and hard it was to get to this point.

She was afraid, completely terrified of the dentist and up until recently refused to open her mouth.  Audrey’s been through a lot in her 7 years and while she’s an amazing rockstar with all the doctors and nurses she sees, the dentist was a different story.

We’ve worked hard with our pediatric dentist and all the trips, tears and patience paid off.  


1. The end of “Birthday” month

January is loaded with birthdays.  In our family alone there are 13 we celebrate this month.  We also have a bunch of great friends who also have their birthdays this month.  

It makes January a busy and very tiresome month.  I spend weeks (literally weeks) preparing birthday dinners, birthday cakes, throwing parties and having family meals.  There are birthday gifts to buy and to wrap, people to make feel special and planning to fit it all in.  It is the craziest month of the year for me and when January 31 arrives I am so glad.  

Being sick made this January particularly intense and I must say, I’m going to be unbelievably thankful to say hello to February.

Finding Grace in Small Things – The Husband Edition

This past weekend Corey and I were privileged enough to have some time alone.  The girls spent the 2 nights/days with my parents while we attended Christmas parties, shopped and spent time together.

When I crawled into bed last night, our whole little family back together I couldn’t help but look back on the weekend and the years and see all the blessings God has given me in a husband.

Us  2015

5. He (still) opens car doors.

When Corey and I first began dating I can remember thinking how sweet it was that he’d always open my car door for me, pull out a chair or walk on the road edge.  I loved it and appreciated it but somewhere in my mind I thought the day would come when the “comfortable” part of being together would set in and he would stop.

Nearly 10 years later, that day has yet to come.  No matter how busy we are, how rainy it is, how tired Corey feels he STILL opens my car door and I must say, it means more to me now than it did then.  The days of trying to impress me are long over, and now I can see it wasn’t formality, it was chivalry & it is love.


4. The Laugh

I love the sound of Corey’s laugh.  The one that bubbles up when he’s trying so hard to be serious.  It’s the one that I often kill the serious moments with a little of my own breed of stupid just so I can hear it.  The laughter, our laughter is what has helped make this marriage what it is, and I hope we always find the place where it exists.

aug, sept. 2005 004

This photo was the first time I ever saw Corey.  (We were set up by a mutual friend, thanks Mac!)

3. Grey hair & wrinkles

Just over 10 years ago, on our first date, my arms wrapped around Corey’s waist, zipping across Okanagan lake I saw the first streaks of grey in his hair and I though “so handsome, attractive even”.  Later that night, curled up watching a movie, I looked into his eyes and God gave me my own secret window into the future.  For a split second I felt like I could see his eyes, years from that day weathered from the years, full of love and all I could think was “I need to see those eyes.”


The grey has multiplied and some of those weathered lines of wrinkles have begun to show and I can’t help thinking, every time I see them how thankful I am that God has allowed me to travel this road with this man.  (ps. They’re also that thing that makes him sexier with each passing year.)

Lean on Me

2. The Arms

In Corey’s arms I have found safety, comfort, strength and intimacy (you may not want to know that but it is an important part of a healthy marriage).  When Corey gives a hug he holds on.  For as long as I need it and he lets go of his hold first.  He’s content to let me take what I need and I love that.

I’m not much for being touched on any level (read: most times being touched by people causes me to feel like I’m suffocating & causes panicked, if not dangerous defense responses) but when it’s Corey it’s so very different.  His arms are my “home” and tucked against his shoulder is my best place.  


1. His servant’s heart

There is nothing, absolutely nothing I love more about the man I married than the heart God has given him.  It is the heart of a servant.  He is giving and kind, compassionate and patient, soft spoken and sweet, understanding and forgiving – even when the forgiveness is completely undeserved.

At our wedding Pastor Gary talked about serving each other in marriage.  About how being willing to “wash each other’s feet” like Jesus did with the disciples was a beautiful metaphor for marriage.  The willingness to serve your spouse, to put them before yourself and give to them was a key component in a strong marriage. 


I know that might sound a little scary, like one person might be completely depleted and uncared for, but in fact it’s exactly the opposite.  Think about it for a minute – if you’re each humbling yourself and serving the other one, then both parties are being completely loved & taken care of.

Corey heard that message and he has embodied that every day of our lives together.  Sure we’ve had our moments, what married couple doesn’t (heck what long standing relationship doesn’t?!)?  But those moments pale in my memory compared to the good ones.

This man has cared for me, deeply, truly and completely for 10 years and I know, from the depths of my soul how truly blessed I am to call him mine. 

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Finding Grace in Small Things: The Thanksgiving Edition

I can’t let Thanksgiving weekend go by without stopping to take the time to find God’s beautiful Graces in our lives.  This year in particular, after a week and half of exhausting illness, I am completely overwhelmed by the grace we were extended even in the grossest of hours…

5. Kids who were SO brave, when they were SO sick:


(Bonus: Her snaggle tooth came out too!)

Like I said the other day, this stomach flu was horrible.  It hit our kids (and eventually hit both Corey and I) so hard, they threw up more violently than I’ve ever seen them do before and they were so unbelievably brave.  They didn’t whine or complain, they apologized for “being a pain” (which they weren’t and made me almost cry…) and they were so sweet while feeling so bad.

Then when I was sick they were so quiet, so helpful and completely compassionate.  God’s given us good kids, really, really good kids!

4. A Mom who STILL steps in to take care of her family:

Grammy's Girls 2013

(An old photo but let’s be honest, nobody was taking family puke photos this week)

She doesn’t have to.  I’m a grown woman with children of her own, my Mom by all rights could just write us off.  She could tell us she loves us and send us on our way to figure things out but she doesn’t.  Instead, when this stomach flu hit she stepped up to help.  From driving kids to school, to delivering Perrier water & orange juice at 7pm to help soothe my tummy, she was there to help us through it all.

Over the past 8 years I’ve lamented many times how blessed we are to live close to my parents and we are but this last week I realized something else.  It’s not living close to them that is our blessing – it’s who they are that is our blessing.  God has given us, given me a continual piece of his grace in the heart, hands and hugs of my Mom.

3. Cross Country races:


Bethany ran in her first cross country race just over a week ago (pre-puking).  The day was beautiful, she was confident and I was overwhelmingly proud. As I watched my girl cross the finish line I was actually blown away to find my eyes filling with tears.

The look of accomplishment on her face, the joy in seeing her not only complete the race but give it her all hit my heart deep.  I never would have had the confidence nor the willingness to do anything like that as a kid.  Now, as a health & fitness enthusiast my heart exploded in pleasure seeing my girl excel at something physical!

2. A local butcher who carries organic Chicken:


I realize to most people this probably seems silly but to me it’s completely serious.  Over the last few years my corn allergy has escalated to the point where consuming beef & chicken that have eaten corn, cause me a great deal of pain.

The Town Butcher, is a local meat shop here that carries meat from local farmers.  They have grass fed beef that doesn’t eat corn & organic chicken, that again wasn’t fed corn.  Being able to make not only my own homemade stock, but homemade chicken soup that I could eat too is a huge blessing.  Nutritious, delicious and safe – a huge and incredible slice of grace.

1. Reading & Growing:


Last night, as the rain and wind pounded our house, Corey, Bethany and I sat in our living room listening to a story.  Audrey has progressed far enough in her reading abilities that she can now read us a story!  Bethany sat next to her on the couch and gently coached her the the “tough” words and I again felt my heart swell with pride.  They are such great kids, and despite the way they fight, these moments let us see that they really do love each other.

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Finding Grace in Small Things #18

Sometimes, choosing to focus on the grace in my days is hard.  Sometimes, I’m don’t want to look for that grace because it takes work, and wallowing in self pity is easier.  Other times, like the past few weeks the hard keeps building pressure and I find myself desperately clinging to each of the tiny bits of grace I can find.

We are currently dealing with more health struggles for our Audrey, causing us great concern and cancelled weekend plans.  There also some big changes pending in our future and friends/family who have their own hard going on that affect us.  It’s all stuff that can weigh me down but today in an effort to keep my eyes on grace I don’t want to write a post, spewing it all out.    

Instead, here is my grace:

Grace 18 -1


Family & Fish – Corey’s Dad dropped us off some beautiful fresh, ocean caught cod & halibut this past week.  It was so kind of him, but it was in whole and, as non-fish eaters we had no idea what to do with it.  My Dad re-arranged his evening plans to run over and help Corey cut & package it all.  The kids were thrilled to have an evening with Papa & I was thrilled to not have to touch that sliminess myself have the help!

Grace 18 -2

 Girls Days – Due to all that’s happening with Audrey’s health our spring break plans were all cancelled.  She wasn’t well enough to travel, and on the day that we’d planned to spend out exploring with my mom she wasn’t even well enough to leave the house.  Instead, my Mom came over to hang out with us.  

A day that had started out disappointing because plans had changed again, turned into a wonderful day.  We cuddled, watched movies, laughed, colored and tried on my wedding dress.  It was exactly what we needed!


Grace 18 -3


Silk Tie-dyed Easter Eggs: I saw this tutorial a few years ago over on MommyKnows and vowed one day we’d do it.  This year we did, and they turned out beautiful!  We ate the last one this week and I was a little sad to see them go.  We will definitely be going this again next year – thanks Kim!

Grace 18 -4

This love: I can’t put into words how much I love the way these two love each other.  They can fight (and play) with the best of ’em but when someone’s not feeling well, has had a bad day or is just down, the other one is right there to “fix it”. 


Grace 18 -5


Old Spice Advertising:  Their commercials/ads are ridiculous, lame and yet somehow completely genius.  I actually let out a snort & almost spat out my tea in the drugstore when I saw this.  Everyone could stand to believe a little more in their “Smellfs”…ya know?  Also, “I’m on a horse”

Here’s to grace, God’s beautiful Grace hidden all through every day life.

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Finding Grace in Small Things – The Musical Edition


I truly believe there is nothing in life that can’t be soothed, celebrated or healed by music.  Crying babies, potty trained toddlers, celebrating graduates & googly eyed newlyweds all find exactly what they need to say, to feel in the lyrics of a song.  The melodies have the ability to lift our spirits, push us through cleaning the toilets (oh ya they do!) and allow us the tears we’ve held in for so long.

Songs, and the people who write them also give us permission to feel what we feel, to give us hope when all seems lost and to say the words we couldn’t manage to say. 

For me, this past week in particular that music has helped me shift my focus & my attitude.  I have felt His grace, His sweet, beautiful grace in each of these songs this week and I hope you will too…

5. The Sun is Rising: Britt Nicole

I love my early mornings.  I’m up each day, long before the sun comes up, sweating like it’s the Sahara desert.  My workouts have me facing one of our big living room windows, giving me the great pleasure of seeing the beauty in those first few rays of light.  There are rainy days, gloomy dreary days, and clear bright ones but one thing never changes – the darkness slowly fades and light, of all colors and illuminations always comes.

4. Life is a Highway: Rascal Flatts

No joke, this song is the one that put our girls to sleep as infants.  No soothing lullabies would work when the “witching hour” would come and Bethany would scream from 7-8pm.  However, crank this tune and she’d be down and out for the count within 5 minutes.  2 years later it worked wonders on Audrey and to this day I can’t help but feel peace and joy when I hear the tune.

3. We Believe: Newsboys

We believe, without a shadow of a doubt or a moment of hesitation – we believe!

2. God’s Not Dead: Newsboys

Again, we believe.  Two years ago, in the midst of another really trying time for us I woke up from a deep sleep in the middle of the night, sat straight up in bed and began belting out “God’s not dead He’s surely alive…”.  Thankfully Corey slept right through (it’s a man thing) but I was impacted deeply – my God was reminding me He was roaring on our behalf.  I began playing the song over and over, and it quickly became one of the girls’ favourites.  They still one a regular basis belt it out along with me.

Yesterday I put it on while we worked away on some chores and when it finished I turned to Bethany and said, “Hey B, did you know?  God’s Not Dead!”, “Ya, I know.”  “How do you know?” I asked – “Because Mom, I’m alive, He made me.  How could He be dead?!”


1. Not for a Moment: Meredith Andrews

Not for a moment, not a single moment on this journey of our lives has God walked away from us.  Whether you choose to know Him and talk with His is up to you, but I promise, not any where you go will you be alone.  I know I’m not, and even in all that is dark I have the sweet, beautiful reassurance that He hasn’t left me.  Not even once…not for a moment.


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Finding Grace in Small Things #17

For the past 3.5 weeks life in our house, in my heart has been chaotic, uncertain and quite simply shifted right upside down. 

While we are scrambling to adjust to Audrey’s diagnosis, to the changes we need to make, the world we need to discover and all the things in between, regular life has had to continue on.  It has been and for a while will continue to be overwhelming and if I let it, all consuming.

As I sat down to write tonight I started thinking about a conversation I had with “the ladies” this afternoon about the choices we have in life.  Some days, joy is a choice not an automatic, happiness is an action not always a feeling and being positive takes effort not ease.  It’s something I tell my girls on a regular basis, and today it’s something I’m telling myself.

For me, there are very few things that help me choose joy better than looking through and seeing all the blessing God has laced through my days.  He is SO good, and I know that in the middle of all this messy life He is there and His mercies, his grace truly are new every morning.

G16 - Pedicure

5. Girls’ Night Pedicures: Every Tuesday night Corey has Care group.  A time where he connects with some seriously awesome men, and where his soul is filled up.  It’s also a time when the Stone girls get to just be girls.  We hang out, we do homework, paint nails and talk about life (and boys!).  It fills me up, to the deepest part of me and reminds me how thankful I am that we were blessed with daughters!

G16 - glasses

4. Glasses and choices – Bethany has been feeling down lately about having to wear glasses.  Thanks to Clearly Contacts and bosses who provide us with great benefit packages we were able to order another new pair to give her choice.  These fit well and are so darn cute on her!

G16 - Tutu

3. Tutus – There’s simply nothing sweeter than a little girl in a tutu.

G16 - Catch

2. Catch! – Watching these 3 play catch and hearing the girls shrieks of joy when they caught the ball made me laugh & melt all at once.

G16 - Skype

1. Skype Dates – One of Bethany’s most treasured friends moved away this past August, she has spent months missing her desperately.  I’m so very thankful for Skype and the ability for them to not only talk to one another but see each other too. 

There is grace, there is beauty and there is joy in every day – if we just take the time to see it.

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Finding Grace in Small Things #16

Merry Christmas (it’s late but meh!) and Happy New Year (it’s early but again – meh!)!!  It’s been a whirlwind of life around these parts for weeks, much like I’m sure it’s been for you and we’re finally getting to a place of partial slow down. 

Well, sort of. 

We have exactly 5 more days until Bethany’s birthday, New Year’s in the middle and my house currently looks like something exploded.  Which all together means I still have a substantial “To-Do” list but compared to the “To-Do” novel I was sporting pre-Christmas it feels quite manageable. 

Grace 15 - Gifts 2

This year, as all that craziness swirled around me I found it really hard to find the Grace in anything, small or large.  I couldn’t offer the joy my family deserved to see, to enjoy much of what was happening around me. 

As I worked to do the things I normally love to do for others this time of year, the things that mean not only am I able to give something (time, baking, gifts…baking) to someone else, I’m able to teach our girls to do the same I felt my heart get a little sticky with grumpiness.  It didn’t seem to matter what I was doing, or how I intended to react, I always ended up a little less than pleasant, sometimes even down right B…..well, you know.

Part of it was the fact that my list was so long (some of that was due to others but lets be real, the majority of it was self-induced), some was family stuff, a lot was health related and then there was just plain poor attitude.

I always tell our girls to “choose joy”, no matter what the situation, whatever may lay before you, we have a choice to see our glass as half-empty and be unhappy or find it half-full and find that joy**.  Most of the time it’s something I try to model, it’s something that has carried me far through life and something I truly want them to discover. 

This Christmas, I’m ashamed to admit that I did exactly the opposite.  I let something beautiful, something incredible like the birth of our Lord  & Saviour be tainted with my poor attitude.

And then Christmas Eve came.  After a crazy day filled with more baking, wrapping & cleaning we arrived at my parent’s house for our family dinner.  As I battled with a pair of pantyhose because Audrey begged me to wear a dress (side note: Whoever designs those incredibly expensive torture tubes is an angry, angry person.  I lasted a whole 5 minutes before I ripped them off and proceeded to freeze bare legged), something happened that broke through it all.  I took a moment to see all that I had, all that I had been given and I realized there truly is Grace in small things….

5. The sound of laughter: in particular, the sound of my brother’s laughter.  As I handed him his gift, and cracked a joke about it, I heard him burst out & laugh in a way I haven’t heard in years.  Moments later it was followed by that of my husband & my daughters.  Laughter isn’t just medicine, it’s music, beautiful, joy filled music.

4. Christmas Eve Services: I love sitting in our church, seeing the candles flicker &  listening to the little ones sing.  It fills me up watching our girls devour it all & hearing a message that not only told of the birth of Jesus but the incredible gift of His death & resurrection.  Those services make Christmas for me, and remind me that it’s about soooo much more than I was letting it be.

Grace 15 - Gifts 1

3. Little helpers:  Amidst all the craziness that ensued, I managed to squeak time in the kitchen with my ladies to bake.  We made treats & messes, packaged up gifts and tucked away memories.  These little girls of mine are wonderful little creatures, and blessings I truly do not deserve.

Grace 15 - Thea!

2. Quiet: When all the chaos of the holiday celebrations subsided, and we finally convinced Bethany to “simmer down or else…” there was quiet.  Little girls snuggling babies, big girls reading novels and sanity refreshing!
Grace 15 - Grammy Snuggle

1. Family & Friends: from Christmas eve dinners to flash in the pan trips to the island.  Text messages & Facebook conversations, there is no expressing how much joy & incredible grace I receive from the people in our lives we love!

**I realize there are horrible circumstance that are void of Grace.  There are times that “choosing joy” is physically, emotionally & circumstantially impossible and I am NOT talking about those moments.  None of what I’ve face this past month has reached those proportions, nor is what our girls face on a daily basis.  The things that are daily life issues do have silver linings, when we look for them, we’ll find them!

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Finding Grace in Small Things #15

Grace - Bread Fail

5. Baking Days – Even when my bread decides it’s a lazy Sunday and mid rise decides to collapse.  (Related: It’s still delicious & makes fabulous 3 minute French Toast)

 Grace - Daddy Working

4. A hard working husband/Daddy who puts in  10 – 14 hour days, leaving before the girls wake up and often times coming home after they’re asleep.  These fall days when we can sneak in and see him at work are so special to our girls.


3. Umbrellas.  Where we live rain (and the smell of cow poop) is common, and right now we’re in the middle of a few days of serious downpour.  Having to drop off/pick up kids at school, waiting outside to do both, I am abundantly thankful for our umbrellas that keep us, and our glasses dry!

 Grace - Workout buddies

2. My little workout buddies.  I love the mornings when they join in, and get their sweat on, not just because it’s impossibly cute but because they’re gaining a great habit & they have no idea!  This day in particular was that much better…“My two little loves decided to join the end of my morning workout today. They thought @andreaorbeck was hilarious promising us a “tight tushy”!  (Which I explained was to make hiking easier)” the giggles at all Andrea was saying were a good distraction for this Mama, who’s tushy was on fire!

 Grace - Cousins

1. Family.  We don’t see them often, or nearly enough but when we do they get soaked in!

 Grace - Family

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Finding Grace in Small Things #14

“Happiness is choice, find your joy”.  It’s something I say often to our girls when they’re melting down over something completely silly (like not getting the blue straw…).  It’s also something I say to Corey after a bad day, or to myself when I’m frustrated.  It reminds me to re-focus, to be thankful and to take a big breath.

I needed to remind myself of that after Friday evening**.  I needed to process all the things I was feeling, I needed to be allowed to feel them – then I needed to take a breath and move through them.

There is so much more to be thankful for in every day than there is to be sad about.  The joy is there, the happiness is there, sometimes we just need to remember to choose it.  For me, I find once I do that choice gets easier, and easier, until I’m just simply happy, from the inside out.

This week I really need to look at ALL the Grace God is placing in my life…

photo 1(1)

5. The thankfulness of one little girl and the love of two sisters.  Friday morning, Bethany left me this sweet little note.  She’d woken up early and decided to crawl in with a still sleeping Audrey for a snuggle.  Audrey’s been having some issues at night, B wanted to help soothe her and thought that would be the best way.  She later told me that snuggle made her feel so good that she wanted to write me a note to thank Daddy and I for her sister.

These two critters can fight like crazy some days but at the end of it all they aren’t just sisters they are best friends and my heart prays deeply for that to never 2(1)

4.  Sunshine!  Spring!  There are no words to describe what the warm sunshine and beautiful Spring days can do for a person’s soul.


3. Music.  In particular Suitcases by Dara Maclean, Good Morning by Mandisa & Toby Mac, All This Time by Britt Nicole and

photo 3(1)

2. Devotions (and a little copy bird) – it’s a powerful time.

photo 51. This man.  This marriage.  Whether it’s been a good week or a rotten one.  Whether I’m happy, grumpy, PMSing, silly, overtired or a weird mix of all of the above Corey is with me, showing me unconditional love.  I couldn’t possibly have asked for a better man to call my husband, partner and friend.  He’s wiped my tears, listened to my rants and held me till I fell asleep this week – how can you miss the beautiful blessing & grace in that.

**I just want to mention I realize all that I have been upset about really isn’t about “me”.  I don’t want to be someone who turns things that are about other people & their suffering to be focused on my own self.  I needed to vent, that’s why I have this space and I full understand that our family & friends are the ones who truly need the love & support right now.  This is about them.**

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Finding Grace in Small Things #13

Tea Date Bethany

5. Time with my two precious girls, and the ability to take pictures of that time so I never forget to be thankful (thankyouverymuch iPhone!).

Tea Date Audrey

I’ve decided that while I really don’t love photos of myself, I do love my girls and they deserve to know how much.  When they look back on this life I want them to see them how they were, to remember me how I was and to remember “us” together.  That will trump vanity in my heart, every time.


4. Knitting is one of my favourite hobbies.  Not only is it creative it’s relaxing and it’s something the women in my family do.  I grew up watching my Grammie, my Mom & my Auntie Mary knit.  They each took part in giving me the gift of this craft and I’m so enjoying the opportunity to share it with my girls!

Work at home3. A job.  Every day I wake up thankful that both Corey and I have the jobs that we do.  Most specifically that my job (and my bosses)(who happen to be my parents) are so flexible.  I’ve had the great blessing of toting my girls to work with me these past 7 years.  Not only that but when someone is sick, or I can’t be in the office, I am able to pack it up and work from home.


2. On Valentine’s Day, when the weather was particularly miserable God placed this beautiful rainbow in the sky.  The forever reminder of His Grace, His promise and His love for us.  This picture doesn’t even begin to do justice to it’s beauty.

Family1. Our brothers.  Corey and I each have been blessed with brothers who are extraordinary men, this weekend we were given the opportunity to spend some time with the youngest two of them.  I love watching them pour into our girls, playing games, throwing snowballs and putting up with endless hugs from two little girls who adore them.  I love spending our evenings laughing at ridiculous YouTube videos, visiting and watching the 3 of them savour ginormous bowls of ice cream.

Where did YOU find Grace & Blessings this week?

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